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Super Blue Moon Tonight!

For those of us in the eastern US, we’ll get to enjoy a Super Blue Moon tonight. I know, it sounds like a drink you’d get at a bar (ha).

It’s  a super moon because it’s 14% brighter than a normal full moon. It’s a blue moon because it’s the second full moon this month (not literally blue). For folks out west, it’s also a blood moon because there’s an eclipse early tomorrow morning for them that will turn the moon red (literally). Unfortunately for us here in TN, the moon will set before becoming totally eclipsed. Never the less, it will partially eclipse for us from about 5:45 to 6:51 a.m. Wednesday morning.  FYI, temps will also be in the lower 20s, so bundle up if you head out. Clear skies will help with viewing.

A quick update on the snow situation…it still looks like we could get some light snow Thursday night that could lead to travel issues. Right now, it’s looking like a 1-2″ snow.

The Saturday night/Sunday system still looks to bring us some light snow, as well (1-2″?).  Yet another system may bring us some light snow early next week. Can you tell it’s February?

I’ll have a full update on ALL of this in the morning! Meanwhile, you all have  a great evening and be sure and check out the full moon! Hopefully, this won’t bring out the crazy people tonight! 🙂

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