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Afternoon update on Thursday night snow potential

It continues to look like we have a decent shot at snow tomorrow night. Areas north of I-40 look to have the best chance, though the entire plateau should see some snow. I still don’t think this is a big snow, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see us get at least 1/2″, perhaps up to an inch. I’ll update this in the morning, after more guidance updates tonight.

Unfortunately, the situation for Saturday night is even more vague now than it was this morning. Hopefully, we’ll get some clarity in future model runs this evening. It could be either a wet snow event or a cold rain event. Right now I’m leaning 50/50 on it going either way. I will say, though, that guidance has consistently indicated that areas around and north of Jamestown have the best chance for snow.

I’ll be watching it all for you and keeping you posted! Meanwhile, enjoy this nice weather while we have it, even if it is windy!

Our high today reached an even 50.0 degrees at 3:14 p.m, after a morning low of 22.5 at 12:21 a.m.

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