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Update on the weekend forecast

The forecast for Saturday night continues to be a tricky one, to say the least. Models have trended a bit cooler with Saturday night’s temperatures but they still have us hovering just above freezing.  Precipitation will begin Saturday evening and will mix with sleet and snow all night. Thankfully, temps should stay above freezing, which would keep any impacts to a minimal. The other good news is that sufficient warm air will work it’s way across the plateau and turn any mixed precip to plain rain by mid-morning Sunday.

As it stands right now, we do not expect major impacts from this winter weather situation but you should stay tuned. We are so awfully close to a wet snow situation and we don’t want any surprise wet snows. Some of you may remember the February wet snow we got in 1998? That was a bad one. We had so much tree and powerline damage. The forecast for that night called for rain and a low of 34.

That was twenty years ago tomorrow night.  (meteorology…smh)

I’m not saying we could get anything like that. This scenario is certainly different. Still, one can’t help but be a bit nervous.

I’ll have updates tomorrow on Facebook and at

As I always say, prepare for the worst and expect the best! You can’t go wrong with that way of thinking!

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