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A wet week ahead

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The rain and sleet of last night are nothing but a memory, replaced by a cool, cloudy, damp Sunday. Fortunately, temps stayed above freezing last night, preventing any sleet accumulation. Tonight, another disturbance will slide to our north but we could see some flurries or a snow shower here across the plateau.

Our next rain maker arrives Tuesday with showers by the afternoon. Those showers will turn into a steady rain overnight, with embedded heavier downpours. We should pick up at least an inch of rain across the plateau from this, with some folks getting as much as two inches. Some rumbles of thunder are also possible.

The rain continues into Wednesday and there are indications that we could see a bit of a light wintry mix as the precip ends Wednesday night. I’ll keep you posted on that as we get closer to Wednesday.

Yet another rain maker arrives Friday night. Next Saturday is looking very wet.

Twenty years ago today we were digging out of one of the most destructive snow storms the Cumberland Plateau had ever seen. What was supposed to be  a cold rain turned into a very heavy, wet snow. Jamestown had 18″ of snow, while Crossville had closer to 12″. To our north, the snowstorm caused the greatest power outage in Kentucky’s history. Normally, we get cold air from the north that meets up with moisture from the Gulf to give us snow. With this unusual system, the low pressure to our southeast strengthened so much that it pulled the cold air down from the atmosphere (dynamic cooling). This cooled temps just enough here at the surface to turn the rain into wet snow. What an unusual event that was. Until the ice storm, this was the most destructive winter storm I had ever seen.

Speaking of destruction…..

Tomorrow is the anniversary of a tornado outbreak in Tennessee that I will never forget.  It was one of the deadliest in our state’s history. Find out how my West Tennessee tornado chase turned into some “white knuckle driving”, as I found myself right in the path of a killer half-mile wide EF-4 tornado.

I’ll have MUCH more on that tomorrow!

You all have a great Sunday!

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