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Heavy rainfall possible this weekend



Skies are finally clearing across the plateau and this will make way for a nice, sunny day. It will be on the cool side, however, so keep that jacket handy.  Friday will be warmer and quite nice, too, but rain will be developing during the overnight hours. That rainfall will continue on Saturday, heavy at times, with flooding possible across the plateau. Rain continues on Sunday but it should be much lighter than Saturday’s rainfall. Showers stick around on Monday. There is a slight risk for some rain mixed with snow Sunday night, but at this point, that does not look problematic.


Clouds are breaking across the plateau and that will help us have a nice day. Thankfully, the fog wasn’t as widespread this morning as we had feared it would be. If these clouds had started breaking a few hours ago, we would have had problems with widespread freezing fog, rather than the isolated reports we had around the region this morning.

The rainfall for Saturday could accumulate to several inches. Some models this morning have the plateau getting more rain then anyone else around Middle or East TN. It will be interesting to see if that trend continues. I wouldn’t be surprised to see us pick up at least 2 inches of rain, perhaps more (or even much more). I’ll keep an eye on model trends today and keep you posted. This much rainfall, on top of what we’ve gotten this week, would lead to some flooding, especially in flood-prone areas across the plateau.

We could even have some thunderstorms on Saturday, but the severe threat will stay to our south.

Enough cold air could work its way in here for Sunday night that we could see some snowflakes, but confidence in that remains quite low.

The unsettled pattern looks to continue into next week, with rain chances staying high and temperatures staying above normal.

Some interesting weather tid-bits for today include some crazy weather records. On this date in 1835, a severe blast of arctic air hit the US and sent temps all the way down to eight degrees for Jacksonville, Fl and zero degrees at Savannah! Orange trees were killed to their roots! I happen to be drinking my precious orange juice as I type this (ha).  I like a good arctic blast but it better not affect my O.J.! Also on this date, a heck of a winter storm drops snow on…..Malibu, California! I bet no one was scantily clad on the beaches of Malibu that day! The snow caused a traffic  nightmare in L.A., creating one of the worst traffic jams in that city’s history. Marysville, Ca dipped to an all-time record low of 21 degrees. Can you imagine 21 being the coldest we had ever gotten?  (By the way, Crossville’s all-time record low is  21 below zero).

I have been invited to speak to a group of Kindergartners at Martin Elementary in the morning about the weather! I am excited to have this opportunity to share my passion with 20 Kindergartners. My coworker, Matilda Lane, will be tagging along with me to tell the kids about our trip to Kennedy Space Center a few weeks ago. Between the two of us, we’ll hopefully leave 20 kids with either the dream of either becoming a meteorologist or an astronaut. Heck, they can be both! I’ll let you know how it goes!

You all have a great day and enjoy this nice weather for the next couple of days!


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