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Sunday evening update

Many of you may have noticed that the temp is now dropping across the plateau. The cold front has finally passed through and temps have fallen back into the 40s. Some of you may have noticed the radar images this evening showing a band of mixed precip now crossing the Mississippi River and headed east, northeast (6:45 p.m.). This band of precip is expected to move through here later tonight, however, temps across the plateau should be hovering just above freezing as it does so. Never the less, be careful on your morning commute, just in case some spots dip to freezing. The only winter weather advisories that are in effect are in central Kentucky. Special weather statements have been issued for the TN counties that border Kentucky, for the possibility of some very light freezing rain tonight. Fentress County was excluded from the special weather statement, since temps there are also expected to hover just above freezing. Again, there are no winter weather advisories in effect for any TN county.


Again, temps tonight should hover just above freezing and we should be alright, especially since the ground has been able to warm up a lot with the recent warm rains.

Temps will warm up after Monday and we will be well into the 60s Wednesday and Thursday, and we may even hit 70 on Thursday!

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