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A beautiful Sunday



How about this sunshine? I can’t remember the last time we had this much sun. The rain you see on tomorrow should come mostly during the first half of the day, with most of the day possibly being just fine. There’s honestly not a lot showing up on radar right now, and that may not change. I wouldn’t expect more than 1/4 inch of rain from this system. It’s basically a warm front that will bring us some much warmer air. It will also bring some very breezy conditions, so be aware of that.

Below is the radar out of central Alabama at 11:20 a.m. Showers are moving north.


Tuesday’s high may be several degree higher than what I have, depending on if we get more sun. We’re still looking at some pretty good rainfall moving in Wednesday and Thursday. I’ll have more details on that tomorrow. Once the rain sets in again on Wednesday it may be several days before we get another break from the rain.

You all have a great Sunday and get out and enjoy this sunshine!

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