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A beautiful day and a storm spotter class tonight



It will be a breezy day across the plateau, with winds gusting as high as 25-30 mph at times. Temps should top out at 70, if not a few degrees higher (depending on how much sun we get). Rain moves in late tonight, and tomorrow and some of that rain could be heavy at times. We may also hear some rumbles of thunder. That rain lingers into Thursday and then tapers off to isolated showers on Friday. Yet another rain systems moves in Saturday, with more heavy rain and thunderstorms. At this time, there are no indications of widespread severe weather with any of theses systems this week and into the weekend, though we should certainly be mindful of the heavy rainfall and potential for at least some minor flooding.

Don’t forget that one of the online spotter classes is being offered tonight. Here is the schedule for those classes. We could use some more spotters, so please consider this training!




We failed to break a record high temperature yesterday by just a few degrees. Those stubborn clouds held on for dear life and that kept us from getting warm enough to break that record. However, those clouds held our temp up last night and allowed us to break the record for warmest morning low temp ever set on this date (58.4). Today’s record high is in jeopardy, but we’ll have to climb to 72 to tie it, and 73 to break it. I’ll keep an eye on that and let you know if we bust that.

The rainfall for this week and this coming weekend will be heaviest to our west. However, we will still be dealing with some pretty heavy rainfall. I don’t anticipate major flooding here on the plateau, but our usual trouble spots will certainly flood and you’ll have to be careful if you’re out driving in it; hydroplaning is certainly no fun. Folks just west of Nashville may pick up half a foot of rain by the time this week is over. The NWS Nashville released this rainfall map this morning. This is total rainfall expected from Wednesday to next Sunday. They remind us to stay tuned, as the Saturday system has the potential to produce more rainfall than what is forecast and this map may need updating when new data comes in over the next couple of days.


The front that will bring us the rain, especially as it stalls out on us, is slowly making its way across the Plains today. Oklahoma is one of a few states that has a sophisticated network of weather stations across the state. Check out these temps right now (8:00 a.m.). Wow, what a difference going across the state makes!


That front will stall out on us, due to that strong high pressure sitting off the East Coast. The flow around that high will bring incredible rainfall to folks to our west, while leaving us stuck in this warm, moist air mass, not unlike what we would see in late spring. Nashville is expected to hit 81 today!


With that temperature gradient across the country, you can bet there’s some storms along that boundary. Check out the lightning map this morning. Hard to believe there’s this much lightning on the 20th day of February!


And check out all the winter weather advisories (blue) and winter storm warnings(pink) behind that front! Wintry weather is really not that far away….


So, is winter over for us? Well, even if there are more cold spells (and there will be) they will be short-lived. We are stepping closer to March, after all. Unfortunately, there are reports of fruit trees being right on the brink of budding across the area. With temps hitting 80 today off the plateau, and with warm temps and warm rains sticking with us through the end of February, those buds are going to be really excited about this weather. As we all know, it will frost again in March and April (maybe even May). So, I wouldn’t get too excited about gathering much local fruit this year. Speaking of buds, I wouldn’t be surprised to see some daffodils blooming around here anytime. And have you heard those frogs lately? They are getting louder every day! I’ve also heard geese flying over. I must have seen and heard a hundred geese flying over this past weekend. I have a feeling when they get up north they’ll be high-tailing it back to TN! (ha) Here’s the national temp map at 8:15 a.m.

Very warm temps in the east, very cold temps out west. Nature will work will balance this all out, and it will be interesting to see how she does that over the coming weeks.


You all have a great day and try to get out and enjoy some of this beautiful weather. We won’t see another day this pretty until next week.

OH! And just keep this mind the next time you complain about the rain. If all this rain were snow we’d be looking like this lady….and she doesn’t look too happy… haha



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