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Afternoon update

Today’s high temp of 69.8 occurred at 2:10 today. That’s two degrees shy of tying a record high for the date. So close…

Showers are breaking out across Alabama and Georgia and those will move this way for tomorrow morning.  That big band of rain you see out west is crawling this way and will get the closest to us on Wednesday night and Thursday. Flood watches have been issued for Nashville and counties west of the city, including all of West Tennessee. The watches are pretty much along and west of I-65.


You all have a great evening! Don’t forget that online spotter class tonight! Next week is severe weather awareness week and I’ll have tips for you on each of those days, including everything you need to have in your storm survival kit! Until then, enjoy this nice evening!


2 thoughts on “Afternoon update

  1. I like your website. I have always been fascinated with weather. I hope to check out the severe weather awareness Feb. 25th. I am very happy for you on the NASA launch. I watch the NASA channel and website, back a few weeks ago they were talking about what all the benefits will be. Safe travels


    1. Thank you, Debbie! I appreciate the kind words. I am definitely getting excited about the launch of GOES-S! It’s only a week away now!

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