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Friday afternoon update

I have good news. The latest data indicates that our severe weather potential for Saturday night is even lower now. As meteorologists (and I’ll keep this simple), we split the atmosphere into various levels to analyze. But, if you keep it really simple, we divide it in half. The bottom half is from the ground to about 18,000 feet up, the other half is above that. That pretty much splits the part of the atmosphere where weather happens in half. We all know conditions are ripe for severe weather down here. My goodness, we’re 74 degrees right now at 2:20 p.m. And we have pretty high moisture levels too. All good for storms. However, you must have favorable conditions in that second, upper-most half in order to get robust thunderstorm activity. And it’s the second half that will likely save us from big storms. Never the less, we do still need to be mindful that we could have some strong storms.

I’ll have a complete update in the morning at, as well as on Facebook (Facebook/thunderchaser).

I also forgot to include some pics I took at home this morning. The one of the branch is a peach tree, ready to bud.

You all have a great evening and a wonderful weekend.


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