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Strong to severe storms possible late tonight

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I’ll keep this brief, as I plan to update again this afternoon and as needed through the night. First, our morning showers are from a developing warm front that is developing right on top of us this morning. These showers are light and isolated and that should be the nature of the precip today. Tonight, a line of severe thunderstorms will develop near the Mississippi River and move east, reaching the plateau by the pre-dawn hours of Sunday. I may have to adjust that timing as we get a better handle on how this line develops today, but it looks like it will come in here really late tonight/really early tomorrow morning. The storms will be capable of packing a punch as they cross the plateau, but they won’t be near as bad as they’ll be over West TN. Here is the latest severe outlook for our area. The tornado threat is greatest around Memphis.


Notice the greatest risk is west of Nashville, weakening as it moves eastward. Only the western-most edges of the plateau are included in the slight risk, with the rest of us in the marginal threat. The potential for tornadoes in our area is very low, but not zero.

I still think we’re really dodging a bullet here, folks. Some of the tornadoes out in West TN and south of there could be strong tornadoes. We don’t have the environment for that kind of threat, but we do need to be mindful of strong straight-line winds that may come through parts of the area.

I’ll be watching it all day and I’ll let you know if there’s something you need to know about.

Earlier this morning it was absolutely beautiful. My Aunt Trisha Dixon took this pic and sent it to me. Some of you may have noticed this rainbow. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one in the western sky before. They’re always in the east. There’s folklore that says “rainbow in the morning, Shepard’s warning”.

Again, I’ll be watching the weather all day today.


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