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Tornado Watch just to our west

A tornado watch is in effect for most of Middle TN until 2:00 a.m., excluding Cumberland and Fentress Counties.

A very serious weather situation has been unfolding across portions of West TN and western KY this evening. We know of at least two fatalities in Logan County, Ky, which mark the first deaths of this tornado season and the first tornado deaths since May of last year. The US had gone the longest it had ever gone without a tornado death since records have been kept (283 days). There are reports of serious injuries right now near Union City, Tn and there are also reports of an 83 year old who has lost his life in Arkansas.

A tornado watch is in effect until 2:00 a.m. Sunday morning for everyone to the west of Cumberland and Fentress Counties. At that point the storms will be affecting the plateau. It looked like the 3-5:00 a.m. time periods would be our concern but the storms have sped up a bit and they may move in during the 1:00-3:00 a.m. time period.

Theses storms will weaken as they move east and I still don’t foresee a major tornado threat. We will, however, have the potential for some strong winds.

I’ll be here watching it!

The tornado watch is the yellow-shaded counties. The red counties are tornado warnings, just northwest of Nashville near Clarksville. These storms have caused damage and injuries west of Clarksville.


Storms are west of Nashville, moving east.


Two folks lost their lives in this house in Logan County, KY earlier this evening.


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