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Dodged a bullet



There were several tornadoes yesterday and last night to our west. Unfortunately, some of those storms were deadly. There are also a lot of people hurt, some of which are very serious. Our hearts are with all these folks and their families this morning.

As for us, we had a heavy band of rain with gusty winds. I’d say we were very lucky, folks.

This tornado season is not getting off to a good start, but that’s to be expected with unseasonably warm temps in February. Temps will remain at or slightly above seasonal levels for the next week.

The rest of today will be much quieter. Clouds and showers will stick around and those showers will increase in coverage tonight as a disturbance moves to our south. Folks south of Crossville will have a better chance of rain than folks north of Crossville.

That shower symbol on Monday is primarily for early Monday morning. The rest of the day should be dry. Tuesday looks great! We’ll need to dry out before the next big system moves in Wednesday.

There is a threat of severe weather Wednesday just to our southwest, across southern Middle TN. I’ll keep an eye on that and make sure that doesn’t drift into our neck of the woods. Regardless of severe weather, it certainly looks like we’ll be in for more heavy rainfall (2-3 inches?).

And then…….are you sitting down?……..Next weekend looks dry!!!! I know, I know, it’s not possible, right? But, there are strong indications that we may have a decent weekend coming. For those of you who planning to attend church today, I just gave you something to shout about! 🙂

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