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Update on tonight’s snow chances


We managed to top out at 59 degrees today. That’s not too bad for March 6. The air is really dry and dry air heats up very easily with lots of sunshine. Dry air cools off really easily too. That’s why deserts are so hot during the day and so chilly at night.

Our dewpoint is currently 24 degrees, which means any precip that falls into this air is going to have a hard time reaching the ground. However, when it does the temp is going to drop significantly and that’s one reason why we’re headed to the lower 30s tonight. If you look to the west you’ll see the very leading edge of this system moving in. I’ve included a water vapor image of the current situation above. That’s a big ole swirling system, folks.

So, precip should develop overnight and will mix with and change to some snow flakes by Wednesday morning. Accumulation will be very light, collecting only on grass and rooftops, if we’re lucky. If the temps stays just above freezing we won’t see any accumulation.

I’ll have more on the Sunday snow chances in your morning blog update. I will say this, it’s looking a little bit better for snow lovers, but it’s still way too far out to know anything for certain.

You all have a great evening!

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