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It snowed! At least a little bit….



It snowed!!! I know, I know, it wasn’t much but at least we weren’t expecting much. It’s no blizzard of ’93 but I’ll take what I can get at this point. Time is running out for snow this season. I can practically hear the clock…tick tock tick tock…. So, I’ll take what I can get.

For the rest of the day it looks like we’ll see mostly cloudy skies, with perhaps a flurry flying around from time to time. We may have a bit of a better shot of flurries tonight, as a system brushes by to our north, but it’s certainly nothing to get excited about. The cool weather continues on Thursday, though we should see more sunshine, which always makes it looks nicer outside. On Friday, we begin warming up ahead of your next big storm system.

The models are beginning to handle the Saturday-Sunday system a lot better and the trend is now for the low to track to our north a bit, or right over the top of us. This increases our t-storm chances and decreases our snow chances. If the low tracks further north, we may even be dealing with some strong storms. If it tracks over the top of us we’ll just be dealing with rain, possibly ending as some snow flurries Sunday evening. That rain may accumulate to a couple of inches or so, too. I think we’re definitely in for some good rainfall, but I’m not as optimistic about snow as I was yesterday. Should we get any of the white stuff, that would happen sometime Sunday evening. I’ll keep an eye on all of this and keep you updated. These March storms can be a headache, especially when we’re still a few days out from it.

Here are some snow pics I took this morning.



As for the system coming in here on Saturday, it needs to be watched. The Storm Prediction Center (SPC) is holding off on highlighting our area for severe weather, but Dr. Forbes on the Weather Channel is saying that tornadoes are possible for most of Middle TN, though he stops just short of the plateau.  We just have to wait and see what the next model runs show. The SPC discussion hinted at highlighting areas of western Middle TN and all of West TN for a severe weather threat for Saturday. I’ll keep you posted on that. I will say that no one has mentioned putting the plateau in any severe weather threat, and I honestly don’t think that will happen. We may get some strong storms, but I don’t think we’re looking at a substantial severe weather threat for our area.

Regardless of the severe weather threat, we will see a  lot of rain. Right now it looks like a good 1-2 inches, with some higher amounts possible. We may have some minor flooding from that.

As for the snow potential….well, with the low possibly tracking so close to us, that really limits that potential. We need the low to track closer to Birmingham and Atlanta and right now it looks like it will track somewhere between Chattanooga and Nashville or even possibly between Louisville and Nashville. The farther north it tracks, the higher our storm threat, the farther south it tracks the higher our snow chances go. Right now, it looks like it will track right between those two scenarios, giving us rain and some thunder, with the precip ending as flurries/snow showers on Sunday evening. I’ll keep you posted, of course.

So, things could be much worse this time of year, right? In a couple of days I’ll be telling you about an anniversary of a big winter storm that hit us back in 1960 (remember that record low of -2 set in 1960 a few days ago). But we can also get some nasty tornadoes this time of year, too. Anything can happen in March! I was looking at some national records this morning and, geez, there are some big disaster anniversaries in March. The worst I saw for today was the anniversary of the March 7, 1990 ice storm that hit Iowa. Folks, this is one of the worst ice storms I’ve ever read of. Up to 3 inches of ice coasted powerlines in some Iowa counties! Two counties had 5 inches of ice on trees and powerlines! To put that into perspective, we had 1-1.5 inches of ice with that horrific ice storm we had a few years ago. The ice took down 78 high-voltage towers in a 17-mile stretch (like the ones you see at Green Acres cemetery). It cost 15 million dollars to repair them. Total damage hit 50 million dollars! The damage to trees was described as “incredible.”

I’ll take our cloudy, cool weather! ha

Last night’s low was 29 degrees at 6:36 a.m. We’ll warm up some today but these clouds are really going to work to keep us cool.

You all have a great day and try to stay warm!

And don’t forget the St. Jude fundraiser is now just a week away! Looking at the extended forecast, it looks like it will be pretty good chili/Frito bandito weather for us!


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