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Storms to watch on Monday

Below is the timing of the severe storms that we expect to move into our area on Monday. As you can see, the plateau’s greatest threat times are between 3:00 and 6:00 p.m. That’s not to say these times couldn’t change, but right now this is the best estimated time of arrival.


And this is the threat level. As you can see, the threat has been upgraded since yesterday, as models have come into better agreement. All models now indicate that severe weather is likely on Monday, with a few tornadoes being possible. The highlighted orange is the Enhanced level of threat, while the yellow is the slight and the green is marginal. The farther east  and north of the plateau you go, the less your chance of severe weather.


I will, of course, be monitoring it all for you. Right now, the greatest threat for tornadoes is west and southwest of the plateau. As you can see though, the threat does come right up to us and that is something we will have to watch tomorrow. I’ll be watching that radar and seeing what pops up to our southwest. It will depend on how potent those storms become as to what we will deal with here on the plateau. The threat decreases as you move toward Jamestown, but you folks shouldn’t let your guard down.

This is a strong cold front and by Tuesday night we’ll be talking about snow showers. Can you tell it’s March?

Finally, here’s a chart to remind you of what the different threat levels mean.


So, what should you do now? Develop your severe weather plan if you don’t have one. Chances are, you’ll have to use it at least once over the coming months. Figure out what you’d do if severe weather strikes. Having a plan reduces stress and anxiety and can keep you and your family safe.

You all have a great Sunday and I’ll update on the severe wx situation as needed.


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