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Afternoon Update…tornado threat is lowering

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The latest update (3:00 p.m.) from the Storm Prediction leaves the threats in place, with the greatest risk of severe wx continuing to be found farther south and southwest of the plateau. One thing they did decide, and I definitely agree, is that they lowered our chances of tornadoes on the plateau. This is good news, but don’t completely let your guard down. We still have a decent risk for straight-line winds and large hail. And we could still can’t completely rule out a tornado.

A tornado watch will be issued shortly for southern Middle TN and north Alabama. Keep those folks in mind, as some of those tornadoes will be capable of becoming quite strong. Those storms will not affect us.

Here is the updated timing of the storms. It looks like the storms may hold off until dinner time. But, be weather aware throughout this evening, just in case we get something ahead of the main line. It’s unlikely but you never know.

image9 (1)vvv

Here is the latest radar. The main batch of action that we’ll be watching is still west of Nashville. These storms will be moving at up to 50 mph.


Finally, if you can believe it, winter storm watches and winter wx advisories are being issued to our north for Tuesday night. Folks, I wouldn’t be surprised if we get up to an inch of snow on grassy areas by Wednesday morning across the plateau. Over half a foot may fall in those blue-shaded counties to our northeast.


I’ll be watching the storms all evening and into the night, until the threat has passed. Join me on Facebook or subscribe to my weather blog by “following” it at

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