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Severe Weather Update

The latest update from the Storm Prediction Center is finally out. The good news is that the enhanced risk has been taken a bit farther southwest from us and that puts us in a bit better shape.  The bad news is that the slight risk has been extended a bit farther east now and nearly reaches Knoxville.  The worst news from this outlook is the upgrade to a moderate risk for northern Alabama and extreme southern Middle TN. Although we will not be affected by those storms, we certainly feel for those folks, as some of those tornadoes may become quite powerful this evening. We will watch the storms that form a bit north of this area, as they could threaten us later.

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Nothing else has really changed. We still expect our bad weather to come in this evening. I’ll let you know as watches are issued, and I’ll let you know as soon as something pops up that we need to be concerned about.

Meanwhile, I found this on News Channel 5’s website. This is all the schools that are letting out early today in anticipation of sever weather this evening. Counties in red are schools that are dismissing early.

Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you have ANY questions or concerns! I am busy, that’s for sure, but I will answer everyone. Just be patient if it takes me a little time.


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