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The severe wx threat has ended

The storms have now moved east and we are in the clear! The tornado watches that were in effect for the counties west of us has been cancelled. I like it when severe wx ends in time for us to get a good night’s sleep!

The only rough storms in the state are down near Chattanooga. Alabama has had a rough night, and they continue to have tornado warnings in east Alabama. A new tornado watch has been issued for the Atlanta area.

I know some of us had some strong storms this evening but, folks, we dodged a big bullet with this one. So many ingredients were in place, but that warm air not getting up here really saved us.

Now, temps will begin to cool off and by this time tomorrow we should be looking at snow showers. What a weather roller coaster!

I’ll have your full blog update in the morning.

G’nite folks and thanks for following my blog!

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