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Winter Wx Advisory on the First Day of Spring



First of all, happy first day of spring! Spring actually starts at 11:15 a.m., when the sun will be directly over the equator.

The NWS has issued a winter weather advisory for tonight and tomorrow morning. The advisory begins at 10:00 p.m. and expires at 10:00 a.m. Wednesday morning. Snowfall accumulations of 1-2 inches can be expected. Be careful if you’re out and about later tonight or Wednesday morning. The rest of the day Wednesday will be quite winter-like. Our first whole day of spring will feel more like the first day of winter should feel. Rain may mix with snow off an on all day tomorrow, as well. Also, be advised that we have  freeze warning in effect for tonight and tomorrow night, just in case you have any sensitive plants you may be concerned about. We may see some sun on Thursday, before the next system swings in here Thursday night, bringing a light wintry mix of precip to the plateau. We may have some slick spots Friday morning. I’ll have more on that as we get closer to Friday.

Below are the winter wx advisories for tonight.


This is one model’s interpretation of tonight’s total snowfall.


And this map shows are snow maker, circled in red, rotating this way. Notice precip over Missouri is already changing to snow.



We had some rowdy t-storms move across the plateau last evening! Thankfully, the storms remained below severe limits. Our Alabama and Georgia neighbors to the south weren’t so lucky. I have some pics at the bottom of this post if you’re interested.

The disturbance swinging through here tonight is quite vigorous. Parts of the Smokies will see up to 10 inches of snow! We could easily see an inch around the plateau, maybe even two inches. Folks, it’s not out of the question that we could see our biggest snow of the season tonight, on the first night of official spring. I know, that’s not saying much. I think our biggest snow to date is one inch? I haven’t seen that much at any one time this season but some of you have.

Dodging severe weather one day and looking out for snowfall the next. I don’t need a calendar to tell me it’s March! haha

Wednesday just looks raw and wintry. Perhaps it will be our last true winter-like day? Time to finish off that box of hot cocoa, eat the last of that soup, and wear that scarf one last time? I’m ready for spring, myself. But, it sure would be nice to see just one more snow!

We may have one more round of wintry precip to deal with Friday morning, but we’ll see improving weather as the day goes along, as far as temps are concerned. We warm up even more over the weekend, but it looks like rain will once again dampen our weekend plans.  I’ll update as we get closer.

Below is a map showing winter storm warnings in pink, and winter wx advisories in purple. The dark purple over Middle TN is a freeze warning. You wouldn’t think it was spring by looking at this map!


Here are the storm reports from last night. Notice the line of severe wx reports across the South? That marks the northern-most extent of the warm front. This is why so many of us were worried about where that front would set up.


And the damage was extensive. Thankfully, only one fatality has been reported so far. Getting days of advance notice of the storms, along with an excellent job by the NWS in getting out warnings, saved lives.

You see the black pipe lying on the ground in the photo below? This is the caption that came with it: “From Chuck Parker: This is an eight and a half foot black pipe that hit my house during the storm in Jacksonville and nearly killed me and my family. It came in like a missile and barely missed us by inches in the hallway”


It’s a little hard to tell, but this was by a Dollar General. I’ve recently become very concerned about the safety of Dollar General stores in tornadoes, especially with so many being built and consisting of metal sheets for walls.


The light of day will show even more devastation across these areas.

Our hearts are with all those who were impacted by these storms.

You all have a great day and be sure to be thankful.

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