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Rain and milder temps on the way



We’ve had some light snow moving across the plateau this morning, but the air is too dry for it to get to the ground. Whenever precipitation evaporates before hitting the ground, it’s called virga.

Clouds will continue to increase and thicken up as we go through the day. We may even see some sprinkles or showers before dark. Tonight, that rain picks up and will continue right on into your Saturday. Total rainfall amounts of around 3/4″ are expected. We should get a bit of a break on Sunday, and may even see some sun from time to time, but isolated rain showers may also slip in from time to time. Monday and Tuesday looks mostly cloudy, with a shower more likely on Monday than on Tuesday. More substantial rainfall moves in for Wednesday and Thursday, with several inches of rainfall possible. I’ll keep you posted on all that as we get closer to that time period.

I took this sunrise pic this morning. It sure was nice!


And these were my running buddies this morning. I’m not gonna lie, these cows are in terrible shape. They were coughing and wheezing. I told them they needed to run more. Then I realized I was talking to cows…..about exercise. I’m too young to be losing my mind! haha



The rain showers tonight and Saturday will not cause any flooding issues. We simply won’t be getting enough rainfall for any kind of problems like that. Also, instability is quite limited, so some rumbles of thunder will be about all we get in the storm department too. So, no worries about severe weather. In fact, even with all the mild, wet weather in the forecast for next week, there are no indications of any widespread severe weather threats for our area. Heavy rainfall will be the primary weather hazard for next week.

It’s looking more like the first half of next week will be mostly cloudy. We may be dodging some rain showers but widespread heavy rainfall will hold off until Wednesday and Thursday. I think Thursday will be the wettest day of the week, as it looks like now, with Friday featuring more light showers. Here is one model’s depiction of rainfall accumulation for Thursday. That’s at least a couple inches of rain, but we’ll likely bump those accumulation forecasts up a bit as we get close to the rain event.


So, the bad news is that we have a lot of rain on the way for the middle and end of next week, the good news is that we don’t foresee severe weather being a problem. And, it will be warm enough to be all rain! Seems odd to have to say that this late in March, but due to the weather we’ve been having, I feel it needs to be said. ha

Below is the current radar. This is why I was so hesitant to take the possibility of snow flurries or a light wintry mix out of our forecast for this morning. The rain showers you see in KY are streaming this way, but our air is a bit too dry to support it. We’ve had snow showing up on radar all morning across the plateau (again, virga). However, down south in Alabama, that precip is making it the ground, and it was not in their forecast. Anytime you have warm air making it ‘s way northward, you run the risk of light precipitation occurring with that advection process. We see a LOT of missed forecast with these scenarios, as models handle the specifics of these situations very poorly. Unfortunately, a lot of forecasters rely too heavily on models to do ALL their forecasting for them.


I will conclude by sharing with you a picture I found on Twitter that probably cracked me up more than it should have. We’ll call it our “Friday funny”, though I doubt the owner of this snow blower would agree (haha). This happened in Neptune, New Jersey, were they have been blessed with so much snow from these Nor’easters. While trying to get some of the snow off his property, his snow blower burst into flames. He was able to push it out into the road and quickly run into his house to get the fire extinguisher.  An off-duty officer also came to his rescue and together they put out the fire. The snow blower was considered a total loss.

The local fire department released a statement saying, “Please inspect your machines before use, especially if it’s an older model.”

Enough said, Neptune Fire Department, enough said.


You all have a great day! And if it’s not the best day, just keep in mind things could be worse. You could have a a couple feet of snow and a snow blower on fire in the middle of the road.


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