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A cloud lovers paradise



The forecast continues to look very cloudy. We’ll see a dry first half of the day, but starting this afternoon we’ll have a chance for a t-storm, along with scattered showers. This front is really moving slow and if it doesn’t pick up the pace, we may make it through the afternoon dry. Tonight, that front gets closer (ever so slowly) and that will increase our rain chances. The front has slowed so much that it looks like the heavy rain threat for tonight will stay to our west over Middle TN. The heavier downpours may hold off until Thursday afternoon and evening, as the front finally gets to the plateau. Even then, the upper-level dynamics will have outrun the front, and that will diminish our heaviest rainfall threat. Therefore, our rainfall totals of 2-4 inches have been reduced to 1-2 inches. Showers may continue into Friday morning but better weather looks to move in Friday afternoon, with some peaks of the sun possible. Saturday continues to look good, before another system moves in Saturday night, bringing clouds and showers. Hopefully, those showers will be out of here by Sunday morning, but they may stick with us until mid-morning. Therefore, the forecast continues to indicate that you should probably dress for a rain shower if you head out to any sunrise services. Stay tuned, as that forecast could change between now and then (and probably will).

Next week continues to look cloudy, with showers and cooler weather. I sure hope you all love clouds, because we have plenty of them today and we’ll have plenty of them right on through next week. I don’t see a mostly clear day in sight.

The map below shows flood watches in effect for today and tonight (dark green-shaded counties). The flood threat stays to our west until Thursday afternoon. The light green shaded areas indicates the chance of a t-storm today.



These slow moving spring fronts can bring a lot of rain to the folks they park themselves on, but forecasting how fast they’ll get to your location can be a riot. This front is no exception to that. It is down to an absolute crawl at this point. That’s good news for those of us on the plateau, as it holds off our heavy rain chances. It’s bad news for folks to our west, as they will be getting inundated with heavy rainfall today and tonight.

The severe weather threat remains very low. The greatest threat for strong storms will stay south of the Tennessee border.

I’m hoping we can get a halfway decent Good Friday. If this dang front will scoot on through, we may get a decent day. If it slows down on the plateau, clouds and isolated showers will stick around for the day.

The system coming in Saturday night is weak, so there’s not a lot of precipitation with it. Never the less, the timing of it could mess up sunrise services. But, it’s definitely not a washout and nothing to cancel any services for. If all that we have left that morning are some clouds, it could set the stage for a beautiful sunrise. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for that!

Next week continues to look cool and unsettled. Off and on rain may plague us for yet another week.

Taking at look at some records for this day….. On this date in 1917 the town of Thane Creek, Alaska reported 190 inches of snow cover on the ground. That’s nearly 16 feet! Can you imagine that much snow on the ground? That’d be enough to make an igloo mansion! (ha) Also on this date in 1984 a tornado outbreak hit the Carolinas, killing 57 and injuring 1, 248 others. Half the deaths were in mobile homes. One tornado reached a maximum width of 2.5 miles as it headed into southern Cumberland County, South Carolina.

Thankfully, with below normal temps coming next week for a large portion of the country, the severe threat will be very, very low. That’s the good thing about cooler weather in April.

Below is the temperature outlook for April 4-10. Below normal temps reach all the way to the Deep South, limiting any severe weather potential.

Last evening featured a beautiful sunset along the Florida Gulf Coast and people were posting so many pics. I thought I’d share them with you.  I just have one thing to say….”ROAD TRIP!” 🙂






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