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A little taste of winter in April


The five-day outlook above is for Sunday. I figured since I’m so late in getting today’s blog to ya that I’d just go ahead and share the outlook for Sunday and the next four days after that.

I’m late getting the blog out because I was down in Lynchburg early this morning running the Oak Barrel half marathon to benefit abandoned and abused animals of Moore County. They have no animal shelter and these races help the folks who help the animals. Anyway, it was the coldest race I’ve ever run. Ever. I’ve run races in February that were warmer than this crazy thing. It spit snow, the wind howled, and the temp dropped throughout the race. It was awful. And there’s a hill. Lord, is there a hill. They call it Whiskey Hill and the first man and woman to the top are the king and queen of Whiskey Hill. I didn’t earn that crown. Heck, I was just glad I made it the top. Seriously, this hill was a beast. A beast, I tell ya! ha

Our snow flurries that we’ve had today have now moved on to the east. The clouds we’ve had plaguing us this cold April day will give way to clear skies tonight. That will allow temps to drop to the low 20s. I’m thinking we’ll bottom out around 25 or so degrees. Our dewpoint is 28 right now and low temps can’t drop below that number. However, the dewpoint will probably drop a few more degrees as the air gets drier (dewpoint drops slower than air temp). There ought to be a heck of a frost on in the morning!

Showers come back Sunday night and hang around with us through part of Monday. But, the good news is the temps at the tail end of that five-day outlook! SPRING IS COMING BACK!!! After today, I could care less if I ever see cold weather again!

I’ll have to watch and make sure those warmer temps don’t bring storms. There are hints that they might by the weekend. I’ll keep you posted.

For now, stay warm!

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