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Monday afternoon update…another cold blast?

As I mentioned in this morning’s blog, another cold snap is on the way. But first, we’ll enjoy some nice temps the end of this week.

Freeze watches are being issued for Kentucky for Tuesday night. I wouldn’t be surprised if those are dropped farther south to include us. It will be frosty tonight but we could see a freeze tomorrow night. We’ll see those warmer temps Thurs and Fri, before another cold front drops in here for Saturday. We could have some strong storms, but the colder air for Sunday will likely be the bigger story. And, you guessed it, we could even see some flurries once again.

Below is the temperature outlook for April 15-19th. That’s a cold blast of air, folks. (1)ggg

Be sure and check tomorrow morning’s blog. I have an interesting story to tell you about the first tornado radar image seen on radar 65 years ago tonight.

And, just in case you needed a laugh on this Monday I received my pictures from the race I was in this weekend. Yes, I nearly froze to death, but it was a great race and I’ll definitely be doing it again!

At every race they have people who take pics. Why? I have no idea. Mine are always awful but the ones from this one just about take the cake. I hope you get a good laugh. All you can really say is, “Bless his heart.” And no wonder the lady in front of me looks terrified…. lol


4 thoughts on “Monday afternoon update…another cold blast?

  1. Bah Humbug on the upcoming cold weather! I’m ready for warm temperatures 🙂
    lol on your pictures! I love the women’s face in front of you in the first one! Seriously though, so proud of you for finishing!

    1. I know how you feel. When I saw the extended outlooks I was a little sad. But, the cold snaps this time of year are short-lived. We’ll be right back in the 70s in no time. And I’m glad you enjoyed those pictures (lol). That was a rough race!

  2. Wonderful that you ran the race!

    1. Thanks, Ann!

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