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Beautiful, spring-like weather ahead of our next big storm



We finally have some spring-like days ahead, folks! We certainly had a frosty start to our day, though, with an overnight low of 31 recorded here at WeatherTAP. It was probably a bit cooler in other areas. Last night will be our last frosty night for a while, but it certainly isn’t the last frost of the season! Enjoy the warm, mostly sunny days this week. We’ll be missing them by the end of this weekend and beginning of next week.

As a strong cold front finally moves in here Saturday afternoon/evening, we’ll see a chance for some strong storms. This is another one of those slow-moving fronts and the timing has already been adjusted to Saturday afternoon. Don’t be surprised if we have to bump the rain chances up to coming in even later than that. Once the rain and storms finally move in, we’ll be looking at a chance for some heavy downpours and strong storms. The slow-moving nature of this front will likely keep us from getting widespread severe weather.

Once the front passes through here Saturday night, it will usher in some much cooler temps, with highs on Sunday falling into the 40s. There are still indications that we may see some snow flurries Sunday night and Monday morning. I don’t see us getting any accumulation, but we could certainly see some flakes flying around. And yes, it will be the middle of April at that point. Maybe someday spring will decide to come in and stay awhile….

Below is the temp and precip outlooks for next week. The week will start out very chilly, but we should warm up by the end of the week. Also, notice how dry it will be. It doesn’t take long to get too dry this time of year, especially when vegetation gets going.


And this is the severe weather threat for Friday. Notice that while the threat is rather significant, it remains well to our west.


West TN will have the greatest risk of severe weather in Tennessee, but even that doesn’t look like a substantial threat, and the threat of tornadoes is really low.



I’ll be keeping an eye on this cold front coming in for this weekend. Right now, it looks like we’re going to get lucky as far as severe wx is concerned. The upper-level dynamics necessary for severe wx just don’t seem to be lining up. Plus, the front is going to really slow down and we usually don’t see storms get to out of hand with such slow-moving fronts. What we may have to watch out for is heavy rainfall. I’ll keep an eye on all of this.

The big news story after the front passes will be the much cooler temps. Once again, models are even hinting at some moisture moving in Monday morning that may fall with temps in the lower 30s. That could give us some more snow flurries or snow showers, much like what we saw this past Saturday. I’ll keep you posted. Another freeze is possible Monday night into Tuesday morning.

Yesterday, we had some severe wx in Florida. I’ve been doing some forecasting for the Tampa area because of a big air show that many of our employees are at this week down there. They had some rough storms go through, but the storms really got cranking once they got into south Florida. As one storm neared the beach near Fort Lauderdale, it became tornado-warned. I was watching it on radar and it certainly formed a hook! A confirmed tornado was spotted but damage appears to have been minimal.


And then a beach-goer snapped this photo of the storm! Now that’s my kind of beach weather! ha


Speaking of wind, I found this story and I thought I’d share it with you. Some of you may have seen me share this on Facebook yesterday. This lady was arrested for the possession of cocaine. Her defense? Well, when police asked her about the drugs she responded, “It’s a windy day. It must have flown through the window and into my purse.” This is why we warn you all about those windy days, folks! You just never know when it might blow cocaine right into your pocket or purse! Can’t be too careful, right?

Incidentally, the police didn’t buy her story and she was arrested.


You all have a great day. And don’t worry, winds should be calm today….


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