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Severe wx threat update

A severe weather outbreak is underway well to our west this afternoon. Tornado watches extend from Texas to Iowa, with the threat of long-track strong tornadoes across Arkansas. An unusual PDS (particularly dangerous situation) tornado watch is in effect for those folks. The good news for us is that these storms will weaken in time. Never the less, the threat for strong to severe storms is still very much worth paying attention to tomorrow evening. It now looks like the first half of Saturday will be rather dry, with only isolated showers possible. The heaviest storms may hold off until after 5:00 p.m. I’ll refine these times tomorrow morning.

Pictured below are the storms beginning in Oklahoma. They have big wildfires breaking out in the western part of the state (they show up on satellite!), tornadoes in the eastern part.


Tornado watches are the yellow-shaded counties and flood watches are in dark green (mainly Mississippi).


Oh yeah, and there’s a major blizzard hitting the northern Plains that may set records for April snowfall in some places. It’s quite the Friday the 13th in the weather world today! And I just saw that northern Oklahoma just had a 2.5 magnitude earthquake. Why not, right?


Be sure and stay tuned into my personal Facebook page and here for updates tomorrow on our severe wx situation.

You all have a pleasant evening!

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