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Dodged a bullet

I just posted this on Facebook but I’ll post it here, too.

For days, it looked like this would be an intense squall line, with damaging winds threatening the plateau, along with the threat of an isolated tornado. However, as you can see by radar, we dodged a bullet, folks.

Radar image at 7:30 p.m. showing heavy downpours across the plateau.


Why no storms? Well, yesterday’s severe storms across the southern Plains ended up making it to the plateau this afternoon in the form of showers. Those showers really stabilized our potentially volatile atmosphere. Plus, intense storms in Alabama cut off our warm, moist, unstable air flow necessary for severe storms. So, while today’s rain was certainly a party pooper for outdoor plans, it sure did spare us a severe weather situation for this evening.

Expect rain to continue on into the night. You all have a good evening. It could have been a lot worse…..

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