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Rain, rain, rain


Well, folks, the edge of the heaviest rain has cleared Nashville but it will take its sweet time getting here to the plateau. Temps are falling into the 40s already and that’s where we’ll stay today.

Tonight, leftover moisture, combined with temps falling into the lower 30s, will give us a chance for some snow flurries and snow showers. One of the models shows some pretty good snow showers across the plateau in the morning, possibly leading to some very light accumulation on grass, cars, etc. We’ll see! I don’t expect any travel problems whatsover.

Then, we’re right back into the 60s for Tuesday.

Check out weatherTAP’s lightning detection map this morning. Can you find our cold front? (ha) It would be impossible to cross the Gulf from east to west this morning and not encounter lightning. This map is going to get more interesting as we go through the day, as more severe storms, including tornadoes, are expected across portions of the Carolinas. So far, this whole severe weather outbreak, which started Friday, has NOT claimed one single life. Social media, the broadcast media, the NWS, and the SPC are clearly saving lives!


You all have a great Sunday! Tomorrow, we remember a historic tornado outbreak that hit Tennessee 20 years ago. Be sure and tune in for that!

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