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Spring is back! But, will it stay awhile?



Have you stepped outside and told Spring that you appreciate it coming back? We’re obviously not making it feel very welcome these days! (ha) Someone needs to let it know that it’s more than welcome to kick off its shoes and stay awhile!

After a whole day of sub-freezing temperatures on Monday (remarkable for the middle of April!), we’ll see a nice warm-up today! We’re already 10 degrees warmer than we ever were yesterday, and it’s only 9:00 in the morning! Thankfully, temps only dropped to 28 here in town, though temps were a few degrees colder in the parts of the county that still have snow on the ground. Temps will continue to climb, getting near or even slightly above the 60-degree mark this afternoon. Tomorrow, we should be even warmer, as we find ourselves in the warm sector of an approaching storm system. This system will be weak and moisture starved but we could still squeeze out a shower or two, mainly Wednesday night.

That system is weak but it will bring a cool shot of air with it that will keep us rather chilly on Thursday. Hopefully, we’ll see some sunshine and that will make it a bit better. I have mid 50s on Thursday in the five-day outlook above, but the latest guidance suggest we may only reach 50. I’ll see what models, etc. show today before lowering that temp. Expect a very frosty start to your Friday, before temps rebound once again into the low to mid 60s for Friday afternoon and Saturday.

Our next storm system arrives Sunday/Sunday night but it is expected to move to our south, which would just give us some cool showers. Should this storm track more northward, our rain chances would increase. As of now, it looks like Saturday will be quite nice. Fingers crossed, right?!

This is the temperature outlook for first half of next week. The below normal temps are compliments of the storm system that will be tracking to our south, bringing cool/damp conditions to the South.


I also found this online this morning and thought you all might agree.



Yesterday’s snow really was quite remarkable. It’s also quite remarkable how much of a difference there was between the north end of the county and here in Crossville. We still have snow on the ground in Woody and Rinnie. I included some pictures I took this morning at the bottom of this blog. The snow will become a memory by this afternoon.

As I mentioned before, we have another front coming Wednesday night. Thursday looks quite chilly, but it won’t be anything compared to yesterday.

Our next significant storm system is coming Sunday, but it’s a bit too early to talk about it. It does look to go south of us, which is  a bit unusual for this time of year. It’s almost a more winter-like track for  a storm to go, but it works out for us in that a track like this keeps us from having bad storms. We will be cool for Sunday and Monday, though, with scattered showers. Systems like this bring us our cold, damp/snowy days in winter. When they happen in April, they just bring cool/damp conditions.

I was looking at the records for this date this morning and found another doozy. This time we go to the counties found in northeastern Oklahoma on this date in 1953. During the afternoon, severe hailstorms moved into the area. Ok, I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, “Mark, this is really scraping the bottom of the barrel. Hail in Oklahoma in April. Big deal.” Well, it wouldn’t be a big deal except that when the hailstorms moved in temps were just below freezing at the surface. The hailstorms were accompanied by snow, which transitioned into heavy sleet and then heavy rainfall. The storms caused $10,000 in damages in these rural counties (remember, this was in 1953 so $10,000 was a lot more than today). You know, it’s one thing to get a hailstorm but for it to bring snow, sleet, and flash flooding…makes ya wonder who wasn’t livin’ right there! (haha)

Ok, so here are the pics I took this morning at home. I have to admit, I really enjoyed the snow. But, it’s time for it to go. At least we don’t have to worry about storms when it’s colder. With the temps staying cool for next week, as well, the chance of severe weather is practically zero. That’s not a bad thing at all, considering we’re right in the middle of tornado season.

Enjoy the pics. It may be last snow we see this spring…..maybe? ha

Snow still remaining on April 17th. Wow.








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