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108th day of January?



Well, guess who’s back? You guessed it…WINTER! Spring needs to start working out and quit letting Winter kick them around like this! ha

Our temps will hang out in the low 40s today. I don’t think any of us will hit 50 today. We just dropped another couple of degrees, which puts us at 38 deg at 8:45, with a wind chill of 32 deg,  so temps are not moving in the right direction!  Winds will be breezy, making it feel as much as 10 degrees cooler today. A frost advisory is in effect for tonight, as temps dip to near 30 degrees under clearing skies. If we can  hold on to some of these clouds a bit longer tonight, we’ll only drop to around 35, but the chances of skies not clearing out are quite slim.

Then, Spring comes roaring back for Friday and Saturday! Look at those high temps and sunny skies on that 5-day outlook. Then, another system comes in here Sunday, bringing cooler temps and rain showers. Next week looks cool, with highs mainly in the 50s and a chance of showers nearly every day.

The good news about next week is that, with temps slightly below normal and rain showers hanging around, our chance of severe weather is practically zero. That’s good news for you folks who don’t like storms, as we are very much in the prime of severe weather season around here.

A frost advisory is in effect for all of Middle TN for Friday morning. The advisory expires at 8:00 a.m. Friday.



Like I said, the outlook for next week just kills our chances of severe t-storms. But, we’re not alone. That cooler weather will extend across the Southern Plains, as well, and that could lead to a historic weather record for Oklahoma. As of today, there has not been a single tornado reported in Oklahoma this year! That is quite remarkable, folks, and it’s one very positive consequence of a cooler-than-average spring season. If they make it to May 1st without a tornado, it will be the first time since records have been kept that they’ve ever seen that happen. With next week’s outlook looking so cool, they just might see that happen.

This is the temperature outlook for next week, showing many of us to be below normal.

Now, just because an extended outlook shows below-normal temps that doesn’t mean every day will be cold. Yes, there are indications that we’ll be below normal through the middle of May. No, that does not mean every day will be cold. The extended outlooks are an average. Take this week for instance. On Monday we were at or below freezing all day. Then, we nearly got to 70 on Tuesday, followed by 75 on Wednesday. Today, we’re back down to 40 (or so). So, if you take the average temp of this week, we’re below normal. The cold days are really cold, and the warm days are really warm, but they average out to being slightly below normal for the week. See what I mean?

I’ve been posting a lot of news from Oklahoma lately on our social media. While they’ve enjoyed a tornado-free spring thus far, the cooler weather has also brought dry weather to the state. Western Oklahoma has just been devastated by drought. And that drought has brought ferocious wildfires that have just been awful. On Tuesday they had the highest fire threat level issued for them, with humidity values of 5%, temps around 90, and wind gusts to 40 mph. It was terrible. But, thankfully, the system that will bring us showers next week will be bringing them some much needed rainfall Friday night.


The Rhea fire burns through a grove of red cedar trees near Seiling, Oklahoma, April 17, 2018. (photo from Reuters/Nick Oxford) 


And this is the latest drought monitor map, updated every Thursday. The Climate Prediction Center noted how remarkably sharp the line between drought and moist is. Areas east of the drought are generally well above normal on rainfall, while areas in the drought are at extreme, historically low levels.


I also want to mention, since we’re on the subject of Oklahoma, that today is the 23rd anniversary of the bombing of the Murrah Building in downtown Oklahoma. That occurred at 9:02 a.m. That day started out beautiful, weather-wise, but turned stormy that evening. On top of all that Oklahomans were dealing with from this terrorist attack, they had to worry about tornadoes that evening. At one point, search and rescue had to be suspended for a tornado warning. Thankfully, that storm didn’t do any more damage to the already very unstable rubble.  If you ever get a chance to visit the memorial  in downtown Oklahoma City be sure and visit.  #neverforget

I’ll leave you with a couple of other records I found for today. On this day in 1775 under crisp, clear skies the Revolutionary War began at Lexington/Concord, Massachusetts.  Also, from Massachusetts, on this day in 1976 the Boston Marathon was the hottest it had ever been. Runners had to brave 90-degree temps during the race. Folks, let me tell ya something. I’d be hard-pressed to choose between fighting a war or running a 90-degree race. I’m not sure I’m joking.

War, I’d choose war. lol

You all have a great day and stay warm! Now, what’d I do with that hot chocolate…….



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