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Spring is back! Again.



We are in for some beautiful weather the next couple of days, folks. Winds will be light, the sun will be shining, and temperatures will be warming. Finally, some April weather we can all enjoy. Be sure and soak up all this sun, though, because you’re going to need the memories of today’s and tomorrow’s sunshine to get you through next week! After the sun goes down Saturday, you’ll be hard pressed to find it again for several days. A slow-moving storm system will be moving to our south, throwing rain showers our way and bringing down some cooler air from Canada.  The rain looked like it would hold off until Sunday afternoon, but guidance this morning suggests a rainy day for the whole day. Under cloudy, showery skies, our highs will hang out in the mid 50s next week, with overnight lows in the mid 40s. So, there’s not any bitter cold air in sight, but we’ll certainly be below normal for temps. Normal temperatures for this time of year are in  the upper 60s/lower 70s.

The good news is that there is no severe weather in sight. That’s just remarkable for this time of year, folks. And when I say there’s no severe weather in sight, I don’t mean for just us. There’s no major severe weather outbreaks in sight for the whole country!


There’s not much else to say about our weather. Normally, I’d have an upcoming severe weather outbreak to talk to you about, or a spring flooding situation, etc. But, the rain that affects us beginning on Sunday will be rather light in nature, so flooding won’t be an issue. I think we’ll get around an inch of total rainfall by Thursday, maybe a bit more for some of you. There’ll be no severe weather. Heck, I’m not even sure we’ll even hear thunder! April, although wintry, has treated us VERY well when it comes to storms.

April is also that time when many of you are anxious to get your gardens going. I haven’t had nearly as many questions about gardening as I normally do by this time of the year. Of course, that could have something to do with the fact that it SNOWED this past Monday (haha). Never the less, I know many of you have gardening on the mind. Keep in mind, don’t even think about planting anything frost sensitive anytime soon. I always say to wait until May 15, especially this year! We finally got our new ground plowed for our garden. There sure was a lot of frost on it this morning! But, that beats having snow all over it like we did on Monday!


It looked like this on Monday!


I wrote an article for the Fentress Courier on the “signs” for gardening. I’ve included it below. I hope you enjoy it.

But first! If you need a Friday funny I found one for ya. In Iowa, they were hit with yet another major winter storm this week. Some places had up to a foot of snow. They even had numerous reports of thundersnow. In Marion, Iowa the police department decided to have a little fun with their local weatherman, after deciding they were fed-up with him forecasting winter weather. They placed a notice on their Facebook page to all area meteorologists. It read, “Placing all meteorologists on notice! We will begin to work with our law enforcement partners in managing court orders. You may be next–sleep well!” When this latest snowstorm hit, a cop showed up at tv station KCRG and cuffed the weatherman, charging him with “theft of spring.” They even staged the arrest on air!

Don’t you all get any ideas…. haha We’re just the messengers!


They better be glad they’re not dealing with snow like they were dealing with in the Dakotas on this day in 2006. That’s when they were buried under five FEET of snow! Interstates were closed and power was out for thousands. Can you imagine five feet of snow?! Five feet! I wonder how people would react to that much snow here? HA!

We’ve certainly had cold and a little bit of snow, but the wind has been crazy this spring, too. You’ve probably noticed campaign signs looking rough because of these winds. Sign maintenance has been a riot for me this spring! Some of you know that my dad is in very poor health, but that hasn’t stopped him from making it his goal that my sign stays put at the top of the driveway (ha). It is very windy up there nearly all the time, so my signs have taken a beating, at times blowing clear away. After LOTS of trial and error,  dad says this solution for my sign will work. Dad, “The only thing that can move this one is a tornado.”  So far, it hasn’t even flinched this week! I’m starting to think zip ties are just as necessary for life as duct tape (ha).


Don’t forget that you can still get my blogs on the weekend. Just jump over to for those weekend blogs. I’ll have some info on an infamous southern tornado outbreak, as well as an unbelievable lightning story that has an anniversary on Sunday.

Ok, here’s that article on using signs in gardening. I hope you all enjoy it! And I hope you all enjoy your day and the weekend!


The weather can certainly wreak havoc with our gardening plans! Then there’s the bugs and, as my grandma says, the critters that you have to contend with. To help counter some of these garden adversities, some folks rely on signs to help with their gardening.

Many of us grew up hearing our parents and grandparents saying, “Don’t plant (or dig) them taters until the signs are right!” But what does that mean?

Most signs are based on the moon and its various phases, with the belief that the moon has an influence on how vegetation grows. Some folks believe that since the moon affects the tides, it must also affect soil moisture, pulling the moisture closer to the surface during times of a full moon. The added moisture would help the newly planted vegetables to grow. Some folks also believe this encourages the sprouts of seeds to grow upward quicker and healthier.

The idea of using signs also depends on the signs of the zodiac that the moon passes through each month. Each sign either stands for earth, fire, air, or water. It is believed that when the moon passes into each of these signs, the time to plant or harvest certain things is at hand. Each of these signs is also associated with a body part. For instance, Gemini is an air sign and is associated with the arms and chest. So, when signs are in the arms, or within the air signs, times are not good for planting.

Does it pay to go by signs? I’ll admit, it seems a bit confusing and there’s no scientific research to prove that signs work. Still, some people certainly swear by them. Signs or no signs, I’m ready for some fresh, home grown garden veggies!



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