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Finally, a beautiful Saturday!

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If only we could bottle up this sunshine and save it for next week! You better get out and soak up some rays today (with that sunscreen, of course), because we’ll be hard pressed to find any sunshine next week. Rain will be in our forecast every single day next week. But, the good news is that it looks like the wet streak will end Friday night, just in time for a really nice Saturday. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed on that forecast!

At least the rain will be spread out over several days. Many of us will accumulate up an inch of rainfall, some folks may see a bit more. Temps will be 10-15 degrees below normal but there’s no bitter cold air in sight. In fact, the clouds and showers will keep us from frosting for the next week.

The extended outlook continues to indicate no severe weather threats for the plateau through all of next week and next weekend.

The weather was all but peaceful in April of 1912. Starting on the 20th, tornadoes would ravage the Midwest and South. Did you think we didn’t’ have tornadoes back then? Guess again! From April 20th to the 27th, at least 9 F-4 tornadoes would devastate the state of Oklahoma alone, not to mention the numerous other tornadoes over this time period that hit the Deep South. This was just days after the Titanic had sunk, but news headlines for those in the Midwest and South were soon covered with details of these tornadoes, rather than the tragedy of the titanic. Jump ahead to 1920 and we’d do it all over again, except this time the South was hit by a historic outbreak of tornadoes. At least 243 people died, though that number is likely much higher as many blacks weren’t counted in the death toll. Several of these tornadoes tracked for over 30 miles, and some much farther than that. We know of at least six F-4s but there may have been more. One may have reached F-5 status, though that can’t be definitively determined.

We have been so lucky this year. It has been very quiet, as far as severe weather is concerned. We still have May to go, so I’ll be keeping my eye out for anything that may come our way then!

But, for now….get out and enjoy this sunshine!

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