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Rain, anyone?


I sure hope you like rain, folks! The good news is that we’re not going to get a great deal of rain, so flooding won’t be an issue. Still, by week’s end many of us will have accumulated an inch or so of rain. The NWS Nashville discussed issuing a wind advisory for us today, for winds that could become quite breezy this afternoon. But, they finally decided that we will stay below the criteria for a wind advisory. Never the less, those breezy winds will make it feel cooler than it is today. I optimistically forecasted 60 degrees for a high, but we’ll be awfully lucky to get that warm.

The rest of the week looks cool and damp, with a series of disturbances crossing our area as the week goes along. And still, there is no severe weather in sight.

Radar at 9:15 shows plenty of showers coming our way!


As for a record for this date….this one is a doozy! On this day in 1997, lightning struck a 130-year old red oak tree near Lynchburg, TN. The strike caused chunks of wood weighing as much as 175 pounds to fly about 50 yards. One large piece of wood became embedded in the tail light of a car. The lightning followed the tree’s roots, digging a trench almost 3 feet deep into and under a house. Flying wood damaged the home and 3 cars. That was a heck of a hit!

Also, don’t forget to today is Earth Day. Regardless of how you feel about climate change, we can all do our part to keep our planet clean. We can all do simple things to make our communities look nice. Don’t throw your trash out the window of your car, plant trees when you can, educate yourself on the political policies that you can contact your government representative about, use plastic sparingly, etc etc. There’s so many things YOU can do that are not difficult to do. Remember, God told Adam and Eve to care for the Garden. That implies that it’s our responsibility to take care of this beautiful earth we’ve been allowed to borrow for a while.

You all have a great day and get ready for the rain. When we’re enjoying all the pretty flowers and big green fields in May, remember that it’s all thanks to those April showers!


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