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April showers….



We’ll see more April showers today tonight and Tuesday. Some of these could produce some heavier downpours. We have collected 0.85″ here at WeatherTAP over the past 24 hours, but some locations around the county have received more than that. I have 1.05″ at my house. Rainfall won’t be particularly heavy this week and it will be spread out over several days, so we won’t worry about flooding. Thursday is looking better with each model run, and we may end up getting a decent day. More rain returns on Friday, as a cold front sweeps through. That front comes just in time to shove this rain south of us and give us a really nice weekend! So, we have to deal with a lot of rain showers this week, but our reward is a beautiful weekend.

With all these April showers you may be wondering about storms, since we are in the peak of tornado season. The good news is that there continues to be no indication of any severe weather for us for at least the next 10 days! We may hear some thunder on Friday with that cold front, but right now that looks like about it.


It looks like temps will be a bit warmer this week than they looked like they would be last week. Still, we will be about 5 degrees below normal. Overnight lows, with clouds and showers, will be a few degrees above normal. So, we’ll have mild days and mild nights this week, with lots of rain showers. Things will really get growing this weekend when that sun comes out!

For those of you dying to get those gardens started, you may have a good weekend coming up for that, unless the garden is mud. If you go by signs, I found a decent website for that this morning. Apparently, today and tomorrow are bad for gardening. I would agree because you’ll get soaked! (ha) Here’s that site for signs

The overall pattern continues to look unfavorable for severe weather, so those of you who don’t like storms can be very thankful for that. Next week looks interesting for the southern Plains, but it’s far too early to tell if any of that will ever affect us. Remember, Oklahoma has not seen a single tornado this year. It still looks like they’re on track to go into May without a single tornado, which would be the first time since records have been kept (68 years!).

There was some severe weather yesterday well to our south. A few tornadoes were reported but I can’t find any reports of injuries or fatalities. That’s always wonderful news. For those of you familiar with the Destin, FL area, this tornado formed yesterday afternoon and was seen by folks from their condos at nearby Fort Walton. What a sight to see! I shared the video on weatherTAP’s Facebook, and several people have tagged me in videos. You’d think they think I like tornado videos (haha). I’m always a sucker for a good ‘nader video! Of course, these folks should be taking cover but it is what it is. I’ll just leave it at that.

Some folks have asked me if this is a waterspout or a tornado? Well, in this situation I would say it’s a tornado that, at times, moved over water. This was spawned from a supercell, just as we would get tornadoes here on the plateau. Typical waterspouts form from just rain showers out on the ocean water and usually stay out on the water, rarely exceeding wind speeds of 60 mph or so. Typical waterspouts form from very warm, humid air visibly spiraling up into a cumulus cloud. A lot of times they don’t even have lightning.


You all enjoy these April showers today! At least you’re not dodging tornadoes!


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