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A taste of summer



I have summer on my mind so much with is forecast that instead of typing “summary” above this I typed summer. It’s easy to be thinking summer with temps around 80 for the next few days. Be sure and get out and enjoy this! We sure have waited long enough for it!

You may be hearing about the storms across the Plains yesterday and even today. They were certainly in the weather news last night. Thankfully, they seem to have stayed over rural areas and the damage is very minimal, and no one has been hurt or killed! That’s always the best news, especially when you see videos and pictures that the chasers got of some of the tornadoes. They were huge!

That severe stuff will stay out there, though the front that is responsible for the storms will slowly move our direction this weekend. By Saturday morning, the front will have made its way to Nashville and then slowly move east through the day. This will lead to scattered showers and t-storms Friday evening and Saturday. It had looked like activity would be very isolated on Saturday, but it looks like more of us will see some rain. It will be like a summer day when we’re very warm and humid, with a shower or storm one minute, and sunshine the next. So, not a total washout, but you’ll need to be aware of the possibility of getting wet from time to time if you’re outside. That activity drops down to isolated showers on Sunday, but continued warm.

Below is one of the tornadoes that chasers caught in central Kansas yesterday evening.



I’m still not sure I would cancel outdoor plans this weekend, but I would certainly have an indoor plan. It will be so humid that any shower or storm that moves over your neighborhood could put down some hefty downpours. Not to mention the threat of some lightning. Again, it reminds me of a warm, humid day in June when we dodge a shower one minute and we’re in the sunshine the next.

This front is packing much more of a punch across the Plains today. And it certainly spawned some impressive tornadoes yesterday. Thankfully for us, that front will lose a LOT of its spunk as it fights off this high pressure that is control of our weather. By the time it defeats this high, it will have depleted most of its energy and spare us from a severe wx outbreak.

I’ve mentioned the fact that Oklahoma has been on a tornado-free streak this year. They came really close to breaking that streak yesterday, and they may have. It’s been too close to call. The NWS will go out today and see if the funnel, pictured below, ever made it to the ground. They’ll look for any evidence that rotation made it to the surface.  Will they remain tornado-free today? The risk for tornadoes is certainly very high today, so the chances of the whole state getting through the day without a tornado is very low. But, we shall see!


This is the threat map for today.


Notice how it arches from Texas to Michigan? That’s the flow around this big high pressure we have on us, steering all the nasty storms well to our west and then north.

Finally, I’ll leave you with something that really surprised me this week! I have land that I hope to start construction of a home on this coming fall. Earlier this spring, I planted my first two trees on the land. They are a couple of Black Cherry trees. They are doing really, really well! And these will be the first trees I ever planted on my little plot of ground. It’s the little things in life, right? ha The TWRA told me that these trees are beautiful in the spring, and that the birds love the cherries. Win, win!


When they grow taller, the trees will be right in front of this picture and they would have blocked this pic.


Hopefully, by this time next year my house will block this view too! I plan to have a white board fence across the field, with Dogwoods and Redbuds planted along it. There’s no way I’m mowing this whole field for yard! haIMG_20180501_184542

The house will likely sit between where I’m standing here and that Cedar you see in the distance.IMG_20180501_184544

In the summer, you can look toward the horizon in the bottom of this pic and see the tops of storms in the Smokies light up with lightning at night.IMG_20180501_184554

OH! And SO many folks have asked me about the election. The election for county commissioners is Aug 5. So, stay tuned! ha

You all have a great day!


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