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NWS Statement on TN tornadoes this year

The following is a public statement issued by the NWS Nashville. This year has been remarkable in the low number of tornadoes for our area. This is due to a spring that has featured below normal temps and above normal precipitation. That amounts to cold, cloudy days that are not ideal for severe weather development. So, while we complained when the weather was crappy this spring, it was actually a blessing, in that it spared us destructive spring storms.

We still have the month of May to go and this can be a very rough month. Never the less, no major severe weather outbreaks are in sight. I’ll keep an eye out for that!

215 PM CDT Thu May 3 2018

…13 Tornadoes reported in Tennessee so far in 2018…

As of May 3rd, a total of 13 tornadoes have been reported across the state of Tennessee so far this year. Of these, 6 of the tornadoes touched down in West Tennessee, 5 tornadoes struck Middle Tennessee, and 2 tornadoes hit East Tennessee.

The strongest tornado across Tennessee in 2018 so far has been the EF2 tornado that struck the east side of Clarksville on February 24, 2018. No fatalities have been reported with any of the tornadoes this year, although 3 injuries occurred with an EF1 tornado in Obion County on February 24th, and 2 injuries were reported with the EF2 tornado in east Clarksville on February 24th.

2018 Tornado Dates

February 24, 2018 – 10 tornadoes (West and Middle Tennessee)
March 17, 2018 – 2 tornadoes (East Tennessee)
March 19, 2018 – 1 tornado (Middle Tennessee)

2018 Tornado List by County

February 24, 2018 – EF0 Obion County
February 24, 2018 – EF1 Obion County
February 24, 2018 – EF0 Weakley County
February 24, 2018 – EF0 Gibson County
February 24, 2018 – EF0 Weakley County
February 24, 2018 – EF1 Henry County
February 24, 2018 – EF0 Robertson County
February 24, 2018 – EF1 Montgomery County
February 24, 2018 – EF2 Montgomery County
February 24, 2018 – EF1 Robertson County
March 17, 2018 – EF0 McMinn County
March 17, 2018 – EF0 Monroe County
March 19, 2018 – EF0 Franklin County

Since 1995 when the NWS WSR-88D Radar Network was installed nationwide, the state of Tennessee has averaged around 31 tornadoes per year. However, the annual number of tornadoes ranges wildly from year to year, with as few as 10 tornadoes in 2007, up to a whopping 106 tornadoes in 2011.

Historically, the month of April is the peak month for tornadoes across Tennessee, but this also varies greatly from year to year. For example, no tornadoes were reported in Tennessee in April 2018, whereas 91 tornadoes touched down in the state in April 2011.

Special thanks to the Warning Coordination Meteorologists at NWS Memphis, NWS Huntsville, and NWS Morristown for their help with this summary.



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