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Straight into summer we go!



Today will be the most spring-like day on the 5-day outlook. After that, it turns into a summer-like pattern. Each day will feature very warm afternoons and isolated showers and storms. The best chance of storms will come Thursday as we may have one round of showers and storms Thursday morning, followed by some afternoon showers and storms. It looks like a situation where we’ll get  a dying line of storms coming out of Kentucky Thursday morning and then leftover moisture and clouds will regenerate more showers/storms that afternoon. It had looked like we may have some strong storms on Thursday, but the latest data suggests that storms will struggle to maintain enough organization to become severe.

By Friday, we’re back to isolated afternoon shrs/t-storms.

As of now, there are no indications of widespread severe weather this week.

By Saturday, we crank up the heat and we will brace for the hottest day we’ve had so far this year. On top of the 85-degree heat, the humidity will be increasing as well. Therefore, I put the caution of heat on Saturday, especially since we’re not accustomed to that kind of weather yet. Keep in mind that it snowed three weeks ago yesterday and we still had some snow on the ground three weeks ago this morning. It’s been a crazy spring! But, we’ve blessed with a lack of severe weather.


So, we’ve jumped straight into summer. Some of us worried that this would happen. Hopefully, we can keep the rain coming and not get too hot and dry. Things dry out fast this time of year. It looks like the weather will become more unsettled as early as Sunday afternoon/evening. Showers and storms may threaten us from Kentucky Sunday evening, but it’s too early to nail down any specific details. We have to watch the storms that move in from the north on us, as they can pack a punch with straight-line winds. I’ll keep an eye on it. The pattern into next week looks very warm and unsettled.

Remember when I said I was going to test the weather folklore that thunder in February meant frost on that date in May? Well, folks, once again I remain unconvinced of folklore. We had thunder on February 12, which means we should have had frost this coming Saturday. It’s going to be the hottest day we’ve had so far this year! So, I just don’t know about that one….

Speaking of frost, just out of curiosity I looked up our latest recorded frost and freeze for the plateau. The latest freeze was May 28, 1961 when Crossville dipped to 32 degrees. This is one reason why I say to wait until May 15 to plant frost-sensitive plants/flowers on this plateau, and even then I’d check the forecast! The latest frost on record occurred on June 3, 1956 when Crossville dropped to 33 degrees. JUNE 3! That’s hard to believe. With Crossville being 33 degrees you know outlying areas and colder spots dropped into the upper 20s. That’s just crazy! I bet people lost gardens that year!

Looking at some national weather records this morning I found some more doozies! Apparently, today is a famous day for record hail. On this date in 1784, the town of Winnsborough, South Carolina had a hailstorm with hailstones measuring nine inches in diameter! Several people were killed, as well as sheep, lambs, and birds (according to the storm report). Two hundred and thirty-four years later this is still the worst hailstorm on record for the state of South Carolina. On this day in 1981, the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area had its worst hailstorm on record when grapefruit-sized hail fell on the city, falling in 100 mph winds. Folks, that’s a hailstorm!

We should be very thankful that our weather is as calm as it is these days and that we’ve had hardly any severe weather this season. And let’s keep the folks in Hawaii near to our hearts as they deal with the effects of the Kilauea volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii. At least when you have a tornado or flood you can rebuild on the land once you’ve cleaned up the debris. When up to 30 feet of molten lava overspread the landscape and then cools and hardens, what on earth do you do? It’s just a big mess.

Be thankful we live on our beautiful Cumberland Plateau!

You all have a great day!

I’ll also take this moment to invite you all to my meet and greet on May 14th. That’s this coming Monday. Come out and say hello if you can!


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