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Morning showers, then very isolated showers and storms possible in the afternoon/evening



Once we get through with these morning showers, we’ll be in pretty good shape the rest of the day. This batch of showers should be out of here by 9:00 a.m. These showers will help stabilize our atmosphere for a good part of our day. However, once the sun starts shining things will destabilize enough that we could see an isolated shower/storm or two across the plateau this afternoon and evening.  If you have outdoor plans make sure you have a place to get that is safe from lightning, just in case a storm blows up.

All in all, I think today will be much better weather-wise than the past few days.

Current radar at 7:20. Once this batch of showers gets off the plateau, we’ll be in good shape! So far, there’s not been any lightning detected around the area. The green you see around Nashville is just humidity showing up on the air and not rainfall. Skies are partly cloudy west of the plateau.



As you can see from the extended outlook, things continue to look unsettled into next week. More tropical moisture will be coming up on us, giving us a similar week to this week. However, models show that drier air may start working in here by Thursday, reducing our rain chances for the end of the week. Stay tuned.

The severe weather threats today stretch from Missouri to Texas. Five years ago today I was chasing out on the Plains with some friends. The day before, I suggested we stay around Oklahoma City or just east of the city. I was outnumbered in the decision to go to southern Kansas. We saw nothing. Folks east of Oklahoma City were treated to a monster wedge tornado that was seen only by the few chasers who knew to be there. The tornado really liked the camera and there was some incredible footage.

Today was the day we we started off eating lunch in Moore, Oklahoma, which is just south of Oklahoma City. I just had a feeling we should hang out around Moore, but, once again was outnumbered in the decision to head a bit farther south. Just as we were so excited to see a little bitty tornado in the fields, we got word that a monster, wedge tornado was tearing through Moore. It would turn out to be an EF-5. We tried to get back to Moore but we had gone just too far south to make it in time. Once again, pictures and video flooded the internet from the chasers who knew to be there when it came through.

Moral of the story….LISTEN TO BALDWIN! lol Sometimes you just have to listen to your intuition and what you learned in school, and not solely on what the models are saying. Am I still sore about this 5 years later? Yes. lol

Seriously, I still remember the folks we ran into that evening that were storm victims. That really reminds you of the human impact, and our hearts always go out to those folks. We always do whatever we can to help. Sometimes, that means staying out of the professionals way and reminding others to do the same.

One reason we chase is to let folks know how serious the situation is. We live in a day and time when people need to see the tornado broadcast on the air or shown online before they really take a warning seriously.


I hope you all have a great weekend and keep an eye on that sky. Don’t let a isolated storm sneak up on ya this afternoon/evening!

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