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More showers/storms to dodge



We’ll have more afternoon and evening showers and storms to dodge today. The radar is starting off really quiet this morning, but that will change by this afternoon. Not everyone will get wet, but the ones that do could see heavy downpours and frequent lightning. Just be aware of that. As soon as the sun sets, the storms will lose intensity and eventually die down.

By tomorrow, Alberto will begin to influence our weather. At first, this influence will come in the form in an increase in humidity. This will lead to more showers and storms, especially in the afternoon and evening. However, we should see activity become a bit more isolated. As a tropical system approaches, air tends to subside and stabilize. The air within a tropical system is rising but the air surrounding it sinks. Sinking air is more stable. Therefore, we may see a reduced number of showers and storms for our Memorial Day. I’d say about a third of the plateau will see rain tomorrow, compared to more than half of it today. All of us will see rain Tuesday and Wednesday.

Alberto begins arriving Monday night and Tuesday. This will bring widespread showers and storms to the area. Rainfall could be heavy at times. The exact track of Alberto will determine just how much rain we get, as well as the magnitude of our severe weather threat. At this time, the current track takes it somewhere between Jackson, TN and Nashville. This places us on the east side of the low and with the greatest potential for some stronger wind gusts in thunderstorms and brief tornado spin-ups. However, the system will be so weak by this point that those spin-ups will be very, very isolated and weak. The main threat is heavy rainfall and we could see 2-4 inches. Again, the amount of rainfall depends on the track but right now I’d say that expecting 2-4 inches is a safe and reasonable expectation.

Winds will be breezy on Tuesday from the east. So, a wet and windy day is in store for us!

Looking ahead and beyond Alberto’s influence on our weather, the pattern looks to stay rather wet into the end of next week, with another frontal boundary slipping south and stalling on our region. June is our wettest month of the year, but it looks like that wetness is starting a few days early!

So, yesterday things got a little interesting as Sunset Marina near Byrdstown, TN. A waterspout was spotted and several folks got video of it. We’re used to seeing these on ocean beaches but this one paid a visit to a Tennessee lake. What a site!


The NWS Nashville had this to say about it,

“We’ve received several reports this evening of 2-3 well documented waterspouts near Sunset Marina & Resort just south of Byrdstown, TN before the thunderstorms rolled into the area. So how in the world did this phenomena happen in landlocked Tennessee you may ask?

What we think is a combination of ingredients came together just perfectly: very warm waters (Temp 83F!) interacted with a “cooler” air temperature thanks to a gust front/outflow boundary. Then this outflow boundary feature along with the geographic curvature of the lake in this location (WNW to ESE) likely led to interaction such as what we would see on land as a gustnado, but in this case was a waterspout since it was over the water. Luckily, these waterspouts tonight likely had 35-45mph winds in them and quickly dissipated once they came onshore. Very neat and not something we see often!”

How cool would it have been to see that!?

I remember back in the winter we had a day when everything was just right for lake-effect snow here in TN. Several of the larger lakes around Middle TN had really light lake-effect snow set up along the shores. That was weird and now we have this weird waterspout situation!

Weather gets weird from time to time, folks, but it sure keeps my job interesting! ha

You all have a great Memorial Day weekend and stay safe out there!

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