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Strong/Severe Storms for Today



Storms are already getting started out there this morning. Some of these have already been strong and that threat will continue as we go through the day. The greatest risk for severe storms will come this evening, as a complex of storms drops in on us out of Kentucky. Yesterday, the Storm Prediction Center scaled back the risk of severe storms to only include areas mainly north of I-40. As I feared they would do, they have now dropped that risk back down to include all of the Cumberland Plateau.  As you can see, the risk for tornadoes is low, but the threat of damaging winds and hail will be the threat we face, as well as flash flooding and frequent lightning.


You’ll notice the orange shading on this threat map that extends into Kentucky. That is the greatest risk of severe weather for today. That activity is what I’ll be watching as it drops our way. We could see some rather potent storms out of this, folks, so stay tuned. Keep in mind that straight-line winds can be as destructive as weak tornadoes.

Current radar at 8:00 a.m., showing showers and storms already firing off and moving east. This radar will be a lot more colorful later on today! A special weather statement was just issued for the storm near Cookeville. Half-inch hail and 30 mph winds are expected with that storm as it slides east. I’m also seeing frequent lightning with this storm.


As we go into our Friday, we’ll see another threat for strong storms as a weak cold front drops in on us. This will lead to scattered showers and storms throughout the day. The Storm Prediction has placed most of the plateau in the marginal risk for severe storms for Friday. So, the threat isn’t as great as today’s,  but it’s something I’ll have to watch for you.

Then, Saturday is looking pretty good. We can’t rule out an isolated shower or storm, especially in the afternoon/evening, but the bulk of the day is looking good. Remember that potential for overnight storms I said I would have to watch? I think I mentioned this on Tuesday. Well, now the Storm Prediction Center has placed most of West TN and some of Middle TN in the threat for severe weather for Saturday evening/night. The risk does not technically extend as far east as the plateau, but it comes awfully close. The models have trended westward with these storms but if that should change, we could be dealing with some strong/severe storms Saturday night. Those of you in Putnam and White counties have the greatest threat at this point. I’ll keep watching this. Right now, it looks like the plateau may dodge a bullet on this one, but it’s too close for comfort.

Below is the outlook for severe storms for Saturday evening/night, as a complex of storms drops southeast out of Missouri. The threat is to our west at this time, but the westernmost counties of the plateau may be included in later severe wx outlooks.


Whew! There’s a lot going on these days! If we look farther ahead into Sunday it looks like we’ll be dealing with more scattered showers and storms before finally clearing out for next week. I’ll get more specific with Sunday’s forecast after we get through these storms  today.


I’ll try not to say much here, as there is already so much in the summary above. I will mention briefly that we had a line of storms make their way toward the plateau yesterday evening. I jumped on Facebook to give everyone a heads up. However, as the storms moved closer to the plateau they just disintegrated. It’s like they got a glimpse of the plateau and just fell apart. That happens sometimes! You just never know if this plateau is going to strengthen the storms or weaken the storms.

I’ll be here monitoring today’s threat of severe weather. And I’ll be online tonight until the threat has passed. For those of you on TapTalk, you can find me at or on Facebook after hours.

You all have a great day!

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