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A nice week



We have another very pleasant day on tap for our Tuesday. Humidity levels will once again be very low, making for a very comfortable afternoon. On Wednesday, a weak frontal boundary may set off a shower or sprinkle, but most of us will never see a drop of rain. In fact, many of us will stay completely dry this whole week. As humidity increases on Friday, I’ll have to start introducing an isolated shower or storm in the afternoon. Humidity continues to increase over the weekend, which will increase our shower and storm chances a bit more.

Although rain chances look to increase over the weekend, it may not be anything to cancel any outdoor plans over. You know the drill….just always be prepared for  a shower or storm, should one pop up in your neighborhood. Yesterday, the weekend rain chances looked much higher but models are trending drier. Never the less, with heat and humidity hanging out on the plateau, we can always count on some scattered showers and storms to be hanging around as well.


There’s really not much left to say. The tropics are still looking clear and calm for the next week to ten days. Severe weather chances have mostly shifted to the northern Plains, which is exactly where we expect big storms this time of year. All is rather quiet across the country today.

I looked through some weather records for today and found one for Topeka, Kansas. On this day in 1917 that town was pummeled with hailstones up to 10 inches in diameter! Can you imagine hail that big? The hail was followed by a tornado. Kansas, where every storm is followed by a tornado (ha). I exaggerate, of course.

On this day in 1988 Asheville, North Carolina dropped to  40 degrees for a morning low. Folks, that’s chilly for June 5! Crossville is usually about the same temperature as Asheville, if not a degree or two cooler. Our record latest frost here was just a couple of days ago. We can certainly have some cold snaps on into this first week of June.

Lucky for us, we have no records in danger anytime soon. No record cold or record heat.

Yesterday I met with the folks at the Mayland Senior Center and had a great evening listening to music and eating a very nice supper. I was asked to give a plug for why folks should vote for me for commissioner and that went very well. I also told them about my blog, so if I have any newcomers today, I welcome you! It really was a great evening and I even took my Grandma Jane, who really enjoyed the evening. I think she also enjoyed the other grannies who said she had a sweet grandson. Thankfully, she agreed (haha). Man, it sure would have been awkward if she had disagreed…..

You all have great day and get outside whenever you can!



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