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A fine day for a picnic!



We couldn’t have ordered better weather for our  annual TAP picnic! Just be sure and prepare for very warm, summer-like weather. Thankfully, the humidity will be low today, making it feel really nice outside. Other than a few passing clouds, we should see lots and lots of sunshine.

By tomorrow, the humidity begins increasing and that means a slight chance for an afternoon/evening shower or storm. Most of us will stay dry. As humidity increases this weekend and a slow-moving front moves into Kentucky, we should see much more scattered showers and storms. I think by the end of the weekend all of us will have seen some rain. It’s nothing to cancel outdoor plans over, but be mindful that you may need to seek shelter from a t-storm at some point this weekend, especially during the afternoons.

Those scattered showers/storms stick with us right on through the weekend and into early next week. And although widespread severe weather is not expected, we could see some of these storms become strong. The Storm Prediction Center has highlighted all of Kentucky and the the northern end of the plateau in the marginal risk for severe weather for Saturday. With that activity moving southeast, we’ll have to be mindful of that strong storm threat.

The tropics remain clear but that may change next week, according to some model guidance. If you or someone you know has beach plans toward the end of next week you’ll need to stay tuned.


Today is the last 100% dry day we’ll have for a while.  Also, like I mentioned above, we’ll have to be mindful of some of these storms, as they could pack a little punch. Gusty winds, small hail, frequent lightning, and heavy downpours are the main threats. And again, some of us may not see a drop of rain all weekend, while others of us get a gully washer. It’s a very summer-like forecast!

If you recall, I had forecast a measly 10% chance of  a shower/sprinkle yesterday afternoon/evening as that weak front slipped in. I saw the clouds build up as I was working in the garden and wondered who might get that isolated shower. The winner of the 10% chance of a shower goes to whoever lives just east of Celina. It also looks like a little bitty shower occurred several miles to the west of Celina. For reference,  I have Crossville circled in red, Celina in white, Jamestown in orange.


Looking at some weather records for today I found another one for snow! Relax, it’s nowhere near us but it is an odd one to find for June 7th. On this day in 1816 a famous June snow hit the state of Vermont, with drifts up to two feet deep! Snow flurries were seen as far south as Boston. For reference, Boston is 75-80 degrees today.

Completely switching gears, on this day in 1972 Richmond, Virginia was hit with its worst floods on record as Hurricane Agnes moved in. The water level at the city locks reached 36.5 feet, smashing the previous record of 30 feet that had been set in 1771! You know things are serious when 200 year old records fall.

Speaking of hurricanes, it is indeed hurricane season. We’ve already seen our first named storm of the year and some model guidance suggest we may be looking at our second named storm in the Gulf by this time next week (give or take a couple days). It’s way too far off to be specific, but we will be entering into a large-scale synoptic weather pattern that would favor something developing in the Gulf. I’ll keep an eye on it. As we say, it’s that time of year when you need to glance south into the tropics every now and then.

I’ll leave you with a stunning picture of the garden I worked in yesterday evening. Ain’t she a beaut?! If there’s a weed in there it’s quite the survivor. It’s amazing what last week’s 3.5 inches of rain has done for it! Now, all this sunshine is really making things grow (including the weeds!). I can just taste those veggies….yum. I just hope the critters aren’t thinking the same thing….



You all have a great day and enjoy this nice weather!

2 thoughts on “A fine day for a picnic!

  1. That’s a beautius garden. I was raised on a farm and I love the growing season. If you’ve never had home grown veggies or as I call it real milk right from the cow, you really don’t know what your missing. Maybe the milk because straight from the cow, is really thick…It’s different for sure. The weather here has been just amazing. I don’t think I can remember when the sky has been so blue. Interesting fact about Richmond. I have a couple of kids living out there. Keep up the great weather reports, really love watching i.e. reading about them. It’s suppose to get a little story up here 🙂

  2. Thank you, Scarlett! There really is nothing like homegrown veggies and there’s something therapeutic about being in the garden and watching things grow. And I know what you mean about that milk. My family was in the dairy business for many years! Keep me posted on your storms and let me know if you get anything interesting. And I’ll keep you posted on Richmond and try to let you know if I see any tropical troubles headed that way! That’s a beautiful city, by the way.

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