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Hot & dry weather on the horizon



We are on the cusp of a heat wave, folks. Not that it’s been cool around here lately, but it’s going to get a lot hotter before it gets cooler. To make matters worse, the humidity will be getting higher. That can lead to dangerous heat conditions for folks who venture outdoors unprepared for the heat. Remember to limit your time outside during the afternoon, which is the hottest part of the day. Also, be sure and drink lots of hydrating fluids, such as water, and limit or avoid caffeinated beverages and alcohol. These will not offer the hydration that water does.

But, for today we have one last good chance for a shower or storm. Some of you all have been getting good rains lately, but others of us have stayed bone dry. Such is the case with these scattered afternoon/evening storms. Hopefully I can get some rain on my garden today!

A weak front drops in tonight and that should bring drier air in here for tomorrow. That means that Thursday will have the lowest humidity of any day on the 5-day outlook above.

Rain chances won’t drop to zero after today, but they will certainly be reduced. At best, we can expect an isolated shower or storm during the heat of the day. Any storm that develops will be capable of being strong, with gusty winds, frequent lightning, and heavy downpours of rain.

I will end the summary by inviting you all to my Meet & Greet Thursday evening at 5:00 at the Rinnie Fire Hall. Everyone is invited and there will be plenty of refreshments. Mike and Becky Hamby will also be there to meet with folks, as they are also running for offices for the 7th district. The fire hall is located beside 127 North, just before you get to Old Elmore Road.



The Storm Prediction Center has highlighted Kentucky for a marginal risk for severe storms today. I think any storm we see across the plateau has the potential to become strong or even briefly severe. That is just how it goes this time of year. Beyond today, we are only highlighted in the general thunderstorm outlooks, but a strong storm in the afternoon is not out of the question, especially with such heat and humidity building in here.

The extended outlook is up in question, as it often is. Some models want to break down the hot high pressure next week and others do not. I’ll keep you posted. If the high can break down we will see temps drop a few degrees and rain chances increase a bit.

It’s also that time of year when we have to keep an eye on the tropics and keep a watch on any rain chances coming from that direction. The National Hurricane Center is continuing to monitor an area of disturbed weather in the Caribbean, and they give it a 20% chance of developing into a named storm sometime over the next week. At this time, if it survives crossing the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico, it could aim for south Texas. There’s plenty of time to watch this and I’ll be doing just that.


The weather records for today are, well, quite boring (ha). The lowest temperature reading for the U.S. in the month of June was recorded at Tamarack, California on this day in 1907. That temperature of two degrees above zero was recorded with 130 inches of snowpack. That is impressive, even if they are at an elevation of 7,000 feet. Their high that day was 30 degrees. I just looked and their high today is expected to be around 50 degrees.

That’s about the most interesting event I could find for this day in the weather department. But, something BIG did happen on this day in 1956. Something happened on this day in 1956 that would eventually lead to Meteorologist Mark.

My mom was born!!!

That’s right, today is Pauletta (Polly) Baldwin’s birthday! If you see her be sure and wish her a big happy birthday. I looked up the weather for that fine day and, other than mom being born, there wasn’t a whole lot else going on. It was a Wednesday, so mom isn’t a Friday the 13th baby (whew… ha).  A hot and humid area of high pressure was in control that day and there was practically zero chance of rain. It was just a hot summer day on the plateau. That “H” in TN on the map below is practically right on top of Crossville that day. A beautiful day to come into the world, for sure.

Happy birthday, Mom.


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