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A foggy start to an otherwise warm, quite day



We’ve had some awfully dense fog this morning! Some of us are very grateful for that fog because it’s the only moisture we’ve gotten in the past two weeks. Some of you all have gotten some good rains lately, but others of us have stayed bone dry. We picked up about a third of an inch here at TAP yesterday (0.3″). Now, it looks like we’re on a hot, dry streak, with only the slightest chance of an afternoon shower or storm. Those rain chances will increase a bit Sunday and Monday.

I have more on this morning’s fog at the very bottom of the blog, including pictures I took while out for my run this morning.

As for today, our rain chances are under 10% and the humidity will be lower than in previous days. Enjoy it because the humidity is coming back with a vengeance by the weekend.

Please be careful if you’re out and about this weekend. Drink plenty of water and limit your time in the sun. Heat index values will be in the 90s and could even approach the century mark Sunday afternoon. If you have outdoor plans that take you off the plateau and to our west, heat index values may even exceed 100 degrees. Be safe in the heat.

I also want to invite you to my Meet & Greet in Rinnie this evening at 5:00. Come on out for some good refreshments, too! My grandma has been doing some baking (just sayin’). Early voting begins 4 weeks from tomorrow and election day is August 2. It’s coming fast! If you support me, be sure and tell anyone you know who lives in the 7th district. I sure would appreciate it.



As we enter this hot and dry streak, it looks as if the weather will become a bit mundane. Some of us would just simply call it boring. But, most of you all like boring weather for some reason, so I’ll just patiently wait for something more interesting to come along. Don’t worry I’ll still blog, even in the quiet times. ha

The weather was anything but boring in Pennsylvania last night. A very powerful storm impacted the county just west of Scranton, PA. At this time, it looks very likely that it was a tornado. However, NWS survey teams will have to go out there and investigate the damage to make sure that’s what it was. Here is a map of rotating thunderstorms last night. The strongest storm is in the area that was impacted by the possible tornado.

DfpxwmSX4AQrwf9.jpg large

And here’s one of the damage pics.

DfpR_1CXkAE_ggv.jpg large

Remarkably, it appears there has been no loss of life and only a handful of injuries. Let’s hope that remains true and that the injuries aren’t severe.

I’m also keeping an eye on the tropics. We still have that disturbance in the Caribbean to watch. I’m wondering, though, if it will make it across the Yucatan Peninsula. I’ve seen many disturbances meet their demise there. Never the less, it’s something to keep an eye on. It looks as if it could impact south Texas in the next week. It’s far too early to know if any of that moisture will make it up this way in time and bring us some rain. It’s first obstacle is to survive the Yucatan.


When I woke up this morning and saw the dense fog outside, I wondered if I should skip this run. I run along a road that has some morning traffic on it, and I wondered if visibility would be alright. I put my concerns aside and ventured out. I’m so glad I did! There’s just something serene about running in the fog. You feel hidden and all by yourself. It’s quite peaceful and even sounds have a different pitch to them. It almost reminds me of how it sounds when it snows. Anyway, that was my morning running-in-the-fog experience (ha). And I couldn’t help but snap a few pictures too. I can’t run too fast anyway, as I’m still recovering from running up and down Asheville’s mountains Saturday (haha).

I hope you enjoy the pics and I sure hope you have a great day!

Could I have had a prettier run this morning?


Trumpet vine with blossoms looking toward the sun.IMG_20180614_062209

A spider’s masterpiece outlined by dew. Speaking of which, where is the spider? :/IMG_20180614_062304

A spider web mansion? IMG_20180614_063146IMG_20180614_063250

Honeysuckle. Gosh, it smelled so good!IMG_20180614_063730IMG_20180614_064323

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  1. Mark, Thanks for the weather update!! The highlight for me were your “foggy” pictures! Serene looking and I could hear the quiet like you described a snowy morning. Thank you!

    1. Thank you, Connie! I appreciate that.

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