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A hot Father’s Day

We’ll continue to see hot conditions on this Father’s Day, so be safe in the heat once again today. Just as we did yesterday, there is about a 20-30% chance of an afternoon/evening shower or storm. Any storm that develops could be quite strong, with gusty winds, frequent lightning, and torrential rainfall.

This pattern will continue right on through this week, with an increase in storm chances after Wednesday.

I sure hope all of you have an enjoyable Father’s Day! This is a day to remember those fathers we have lost ,as well.

I found some weather records for today I thought you’d find interesting.

2000- Lightning strikes a garage in Shop Springs (Wilson County). The fire destroys the garage and leaps to a nearby house. The fire severely damages the rear of the house, the second floor, and the roof. Many other rooms in the house receive smoke and water damage.

1859 – Hot Santa Ana winds in southern California roasted fruit on one side at Santa Barbara. (Sandra and TI Richard Sanders – 1987)

I’ll be headed out to Nashville this afternoon for the National Emergency Numbers Association conference in downtown Nashville this week. Don’t worry, I’ll still be updating the blog (ha)!

You all have a great day!

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