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Lunch weather update (11:19 a.m.)


I just posted this on Facebook but I’ll share it here, as well. For those of you headed out to lunch, we have storms moving across the plateau that contain a lot of lightning and heavy rainfall. Be careful if you’re out and about. Stay indoors if it’s lightning and drive safely if you’re caught in the torrential rainfall. The back edge of this is through Cookeville, so the end is in sight to this first batch. On the radar image, I’ve circled Crossville (yellow), Jamestown (white), Monterey (black), and Cookeville (red) for easy reference.

Keep in mind we have another round of storms coming later this afternoon. Right now, I’m thinking those will affect us around 4-6:00 p.m. This is an adjustment to my earlier thinking that they’d be here around 2:00. Timing can still change so stay tuned. The more sun we get today the more severe this second round could become. If these clouds stay hung up on the plateau, we’ll likely dodge that severe wx potential.

I’m here watching it all.

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