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Breaking News! The sun is coming!



Sunday: Heavy rainfall from thunderstorms

Monday: Heavy rainfall from thunderstorms


We have breaking news in the weatherTAP weather center this morning! We have good reason to believe that the sun will come out today and that it may also be a dry day! That sun is that big yellow thing in the sky that we hardly ever see anymore. So, don’t panic if you see it. It’s a natural phenomena.

Of course it’s summer, which means we can hardly ever rule out an isolated afternoon/evening shower/storm, but our chances today are super slim. If you can believe it, we may even get a hot, dry Saturday, too!

Enjoy it.

Rain and storms  return Sunday and Monday, and we could get some real frog stranglers (ha). If you see the frogs wearing life jackets that means we’ve had plenty of rain.  This time, the rain and storms will be more tropical in nature. In this scenario, we can get strong storms, but heavy rainfall is usually the main threat. Often times, the lightning is not nearly as bad as what we’ve seen with our storms this week. There will still be lightning, but hopefully not anything like what we’ve seen with our storms this week.

After Monday, we should turn hot and drier again, with only isolated afternoon storms for both Tuesday and the Fourth of July. Let’s hope that forecast stays on point!


It’s almost hard to believe that we may get a dry day today. We sure did have the fog this morning, though! Geez. We have just been locked in this stormy pattern for too long. We needed rain, but it’s safe to say we are now completely caught up on our rain deficits. We’ve not had 5.42 inches of rain here at weatherTAP this month, but many of you have gotten much, much more.

June is our wettest month of year, and we’re certainly seeing that come true again this year.

It’s looking more and more like we could get some pretty hefty downpours around here Sunday and Monday. Hopefully, the rain will be scattered enough to keep any flooding issues minimized.

So far, the Fourth of July holiday is looking alright. Hot and humid, with isolated afternoon/evening storms. We have such saturated soils now, and that puts a lot of moisture in the air when the sun comes out. That moisture is a good source of energy for storms, so we can never rule out at least an isolated storm when we’re in this situation.

Nature is funny that way. When you’re in a drought and need rain, the limited soil moisture keeps the afternoons from being humid enough to support storms. When your soils are saturated, the humidity tends to be high in the afternoon sunshine, which often causes you to get even more storms.

Yesterday, there were certainly numerous storm reports in Tennessee and beyond. Thank goodness we missed out on that complex of storms that slid into West Tennessee yesterday evening! Check out these storm reports! You can also see the reports from the Chattanooga area. Those reports came from our morning storms. By the time they reached Chattanooga, they had gotten severe.

Notice the arch of wind reports (blue dots) stretching from Nebraska to Florida. There was even an isolated EF-1 tornado (red dot) west of Nashville. That tornado formed at the apex of the bowing line of storms.


In the example image below, tornadoes can quickly and briefly spin up at the bow apex of a bowing line of storms (white-circled area). That’s how our Tennessee tornado formed yesterday. It was only on the ground for about a couple of miles but it hit two houses with 110 mph winds.


In southeast Montana, on the other hand, they had a tornado produced from a supercell. Storm chasers were treated to quite the photo opportunity, as the storm dropped a very photogenic tornado. How about seeing that across the countryside?! Storm chasing in the northern Plains has long been on my bucket list (now more than ever!). Geez…look at that thing! The best news is that it stayed over open countryside and not one single person was hurt.


I’ll end on a bit of a political note. As many of you know, I’m running for one of the county commissioner seats for the 7th District of Cumberland County. It’s now election “crunch time.” (ha) Early voting begins two weeks from today (July 13).  Keep in mind this is also the election we choose our Mayor. Many people think we’ve already done that but we have not. We only chose the Republican candidate for mayor (since no Democrats ran). Now, we choose between Foster and the Independent candidate Davis.

But, you’ll also choose your county commissioners. The 7th District includes Mayland, Rinnie, and Woody. I feel really good about the campaign at this point, but folks have to vote.

And election day is the Thursday of the Highway 127 Yard Sales. That means those of you in Rinnie and Woody are going to want to early vote. Can you imagine making your way through that traffic to get to the polling place! Let’s hope voter turnout isn’t embarrassingly low.

So, I’m asking for the vote and support of you all in the 7th District. I’m working hard to show how much I want this and I hope that shows. We need good commissioners, folks, and I’m hearing a lot of folks wanting a change in the 7th.

I recently wrote an article for the Chronicle where I introduce myself.  By the way, be sure and check out the July 3rd issue of the Chronicle, too. In that paper, all the candidates answered a questionnaire about why they want the office.  See what your candidates have to say. And get involved! Again,that paper comes out July 3.

My introduction story ran in the Tuesday Chronicle last week and many folks don’t get that version of the paper (it’s the one you pay for). So, I’m including it below for those of you who are interested. If you don’t live in the 7th District, but you wish you could vote for me, tell someone who lives in Mayland, Woody, or Rinnie about me and get them to vote for me. I sure would appreciate that.

Here’s that article. And thank you, in advance, for those of you who are already supporting me. I’ve been so humbled by that support. This has been an incredible journey and I can’t wait to see where it ultimately leads.

Mark Baldwin, Candidate for 7th District County Commissioner

When I graduated from CCHS, I knew I wanted to be a meteorologist. My first weather memory was in second grade, when Mrs. Lovell told me it was snowing outside but asked me not to tell anyone. That turned out to be impossible! Before long, the whole room knew. I remember being amazed at how much reaction the weather could cause, and how that all led to me having so many questions about the weather. Mrs. Lovell planted a seed that day. We cannot be thankful enough for good teachers.

Now, I have my degree in meteorology and a job I love at Trade-A-Plane, working in the weatherTAP department. In fact, many of you may know me as Meteorologist Mark, the weatherTAP guy who is always online when weather gets crazy and who writes a daily weather blog for the plateau.

My love for writing led to me earning a degree in journalism. My dream of being published in Chicken Soup for the Soul came true a few years ago when my story, Pizza Night, was published. (Google it and check it out!)

After earning my Masters in meteorology, I worked for the Tennessee Emergency Management Agency in Nashville. After a few years there, I seized an opportunity to teach meteorology at Mississippi State University. After six years of teaching there I am now back home and ready to give back to the community that set the stage for my success.

Now, I am humbly asking for your vote for county commissioner of the seventh district. Two commissioners are elected from each district, and I am asking to be one of the two you choose from the seventh district; a district that includes Rinnie, Mayland, and Woody.

I know many of you are frustrated with the internet service in our county. That’s one of the top complaints I hear. WeatherTAP, like so many weather sources, is a web-based product, so I understand those of you who are frustrated with your internet service. Rest assured that I will be your strongest advocate in fighting for the better services we deserve.

I have also heard complaints about accessibility of your local politicians.  I assure you I will be accessible and listen to your concerns. You will never be ignored. You will be able to reach me by email, phone, Facebook, by my website, and/or by USPS.

I have been working since my first job in my paw-paw Lowe’s sawmill when I was 13 years old. You won’t find anyone who will work harder than I will for our district or who will fight harder for fiscally conservative ideas. Give me a chance, and I will prove I deserve your support.



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