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A return to unsettled weather



Sunday afternoon: Scattered storms with heavy rainfall

Monday: Storms with heavy rainfall


Yesterday evening we were treated to some spectacular views of a thunderhead from a storm down in the Chattanooga area. Then, as the sun set lower we were able to see other towers lit by the light of the setting sun. It was a beautiful evening. Those showers/storms were very isolated but they will be much more common across the plateau today. I think about half of us will see rain, while the other half does not. If you get under one of these storms, they are more than capable of producing very heavy rainfall. Also, please be careful with that lightning.

On Monday, we should see even more mainly afternoon/evening showers and storms. Once again, this tropical airmass will be capable of supporting storms with torrential rainfall and frequent lightning. Storms should stay below severe limits, but we can’t completely rule out a strong or severe storm today or tomorrow.

By Tuesday, we should be a bit drier but model trends are indicating I may have to increase our rain chances for both Tuesday and Wednesday to at least 40%. I’ll keep an eye on that trend. Hopefully, high pressure will settle in strong enough to keep most of us dry. We’ll certainly have some isolated heat-of-the-day storms around, but hopefully we can keep those isolated and not have to bump that description up to “scattered” for Tuesday and Wednesday.

I also want to take this moment to let you all know that July 26th is weatherTAP’s 20th birthday! We will be celebrating every day this month across our social media outlets. We’ll be giving away prizes and telling some weatherTAP history along the way. If you like our status you’re automatically entered to win one of our prizes! I’ll also be doing some fun stuff here on the blog during our birthday week, so stay tuned for that! I may even have some prizes up my sleeve…..

Like I said earlier in this post, we were treated to some beautiful scenery from evening thunderheads and a setting sun yesterday evening. I took some pics, of course. I hope you enjoy them and I hope you have a wonderful Sunday!


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