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A forecast fit for the Fourth



Today: Torrential downpours with any storm

Rest of the week: The heat and humidity


For today, look for scattered afternoon and evening t-storms. It looks like today will be very similar to yesterday, with about half of us getting rain on the plateau and the other half of us not. Most of the rain seemed to avoid Cumberland County yesterday, but folks along the western edge of the plateau and in Fentress County seemed to have the most numerous storms around. Any storm that develops could become strong or even severe, but widespread severe weather is very unlikely. This is just your typical summer storms firing off in the heat and humidity of the afternoon.

If you’re outside, be mindful of that lightning.

For the rest of the week, it looks like much of the same, though rain chances will drop off as the heat cranks up. Be very careful if you’re out in this heat and humidity. It can become quite dangerous. Limit your time in the sun and drink lots of hydrating liquids (ie. water).

Rain chances may pick up at the end of this week, as it looks like we may enter another period of very unsettled weather.


I’ve pretty much discussed all that needs to be said. We’ve entered a very summer-like pattern and we’ve come to know what to expect with that; hot and humid with afternoon shower/storm chances.

We had an absolutely beautiful evening on Sunday. I got out and took some pics, of course. Someday, I’ll be taking these pics from my front yard!




I found a doozy in the record books today! On this day in 1843, an alligator fell from the sky onto Anson Street in Charleston, South Carolina! This was during a thunderstorm. Some speculate the storm had a tornado associated with it that picked up the gator and threw  it on to the street. I have no word on the gator’s condition but I think we can safely draw some conclusions here.  :/

I’m pretty sure I have to end with this, because what can possibly top a gator falling from the sky?

You all have a great day and stay cool and safe!

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