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Afternoon Update

This is just a quick afternoon update to let you know that it is hot outside (ha). I know, I know…you already knew that. But I bet you didn’t know it’s 88 degrees hot, with a heat index of 93. Yeah, it’s hot. Be careful if you have outdoor plans this evening.

At this time, the radar is clear in Cumberland County but there are some dark skies around. That’s because we have storms near us, they’re just not in our county. A shower or storm could pop up or move in at any time this evening, so be aware of that also. Storms are moving toward Nashville today, which is backward from what you’re used to. Therefore, all those storms you see around Livingston are moving away from us.


Those storms to our northwest are offering a nice dark background for our whiter, puffier cumulus clouds. It makes for a very pretty sky.  Be sure and look up and look northwest as you head out.

You all have a good evening and stay cool!


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